Manages production cycles and day-to-day operations in terms of service delivery, quality, staffing/ resource allocation, project delivery, MI reporting and team performance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Setting Directions/Planning. Ensures creation, team alignment, communication and understanding of production performance metrics (targets/ scorecard/ SLAs) and key deliverables on all projects/initiatives.
  • Strategic and tactical planning towards service delivery and continuous improvement of production and quality.
  • Plans for and manages costs versus budget through effective and optimal utilization of corporate resources (manpower, materials, systems/technology and equipment).
  • Creates manpower forecasts and capacity planning together with operations support, vis-à-vis production volume.
  • Establishes and standardizes production work procedures/processes in coordination with the quality team.
  1. Developing and Growing People/Leading.  Ensures ownership of the training and development of his/her team.  Leverages on the strengths and capabilities of his/her team, and addresses areas for development through various learning interventions.
  • Provides coaching, directing, and mentoring of his team members.  Gives regular and timely feedback on performance.
  • Creates an environment that inspires and motivates team members to meet and exceed their production metrics.
  • Ensures planning, problem-solving, decision-making and addressing issues and concerns that require the participation of the team members, including those disciplinary in nature.  Ensures there is no negative impact on productivity and service delivery.
  1. Building Teams/Organizing.  Ensures the support and development of the work group or organizational structure through defining the responsibilities of each role necessary to meet the metrics.
  • Makes and owns staff selection and hiring decisions. Ensures functional and cultural fit.
  • Delegates and entrusts responsibilities to team leaders, while setting performance standards and expectations.
  • Helps establish relationships among peers and subordinates and maximizes the output of various support services such as IT, Operations Support, HR/Administration and Finance.  Creates an environment that reflects the AE core values.
  • Implements company policies and procedures.
  1. Managing Results/Controlling. Establishes and communicates performance standards on productivity and quality across the various roles within his/her team.
  • Oversees the daily production process, ensures timeliness and quality of interactive services.  Draws up production schedules and adjusts as needed.
  • Establishes an objective method in measuring performance and evaluating output versus the set performance standards.  Conduct employee evaluations and other feedback mechanisms that can immediately correct production errors.
  • Maintains accurate reports for production traffic and monitor service levels based on pre-determined metrics.
  • Accountable for all customer communications, conflict resolution and compliance on customer deliverables.  Initiates customer satisfaction measurement programs.
  • Monitors productivity and implements quality control programs.
  • Manages diverse digital solutions (across ad products, websites, social solutions, video, etc.).

Editor’s Notes:

  • Office is in Quezon City.
  • Shifting schedule.

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