While the coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we live, some things will never change. For this reason, more people are turning to life insurance companies to better prepare themselves and their loved ones against all things inevitable.

In a 2021 survey commissioned by the AIA Group, AIA Philippines’ Hong Kong-based parent company, majority of Filipinos acknowledged the severe impact COVID-19 has made on their well-being, not only in terms of their physical and mental health, but also on their social lives and financial security.

About 71 percent of the respondents said the pandemic had a negative effect on their personal/family finances—driven mostly by mass layoffs, limited economic activities, and shrinking business confidence—with average income reduction measured at 29 percent. 

Bleak outlook notwithstanding, the same survey found out that more people became conscious of their spending habits during the pandemic, with a larger number of respondents either planning to save more or buy an insurance product as soon as they recover financially. At least 77 percent agree to set aside a bigger chunk of their income to help them manage future uncertainties and other life emergencies, saying that despite their low confidence to achieve their target amount at present, they will look for ways to reach their savings goals. 

This renewed interest to practice financial discipline among the majority of consumers is an encouraging sign for the financial services industry, in particular, as 75 percent strongly agree that saving up for better protection in cases of unforeseen circumstances deserve equal priority.  

Consequently, demand for an all-around insurance product that can adjust to the customer’s needs is likely to increase over the years, which AIA Philippines is more than happy to address with its latest product, AIA All-In-One Plus.

“AIA All-In-One Plus is a comprehensive variable unit link whole life insurance plan with benefits. It protects the policyholder against four major risks: death, accident, disability and critical illnesses,” said Tennyson Paras, AIA Philippines Associate Director for Products, about their latest offering. “The product comes with an enrollment to the AIA Vitality program to promote better health among our customers. When you get AIA All-In-One Plus, you are not only protected against the four risks, but you are also rewarded for leading a healthy lifestyle,” Paras added.

AIA All-In-One Plus goes beyond basic insurance because it not only levels up your protection, but it also helps you live healthier as it sets you up for financial growth with a portion plowed into your chosen investment funds. With its Double Vitality Booster feature, AIA All-In-One Plus can help policyholders live a better lifestyle and improve their future claims and other benefits. AIA Vitality allows you to enjoy rewards for knowing and improving your health. 

Leveling up the protection of one’s future is never too late for anyone who has yet to avail of an insurance plan. There’s no better time than now to start building a strong foundation with double protection through the complete benefits of AIA All-In-One Plus, and have peace of mind now, so you can live a healthier, longer, better life later.

Click here to know more about AIA All-In-One Plus, visit AIA Philippines on www.aia.com.ph, or on Facebook. You may also email philamlife@aia.com or call (02) 8528-2000.

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