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Founded in 2011 by Sonny Vu, John Sculley (former CEO of Apple and Pepsi), and Sridhar Iyengar (co-founder and CTO of AgaMatrix), Misfit Wearables was a pioneer in the industry of wearable sensory technology. The SHINE was the first product off its production line – a lightweight, elegant activity tracker designed to fit the lifestyle of individuals with a penchant for fitness.

PowerMac Misfit Shine1

“Are you moving enough?” This is the question that Misfit SHINE poses.

While endurance is normally measured by heart rate, the SHINE is designed to motivate you to keep moving – something that most people take for granted, but is fundamental is achieving overall fitness and balance. It doesn’t matter which angle you choose. It can be a favorite sport, a
daily yoga practice, running to your next meeting, or even just a light jog around the neighborhood.

At the same time, the SHINE also effectively tracks your sleeping pattern, from light to deep, restful sleep, thereby helping you monitor exactly how much quality rest you are putting in.

And that is what the SHINE is all about – to help you craft a balanced lifestyle by motivating you to maintain regular and consistent daily activity, while also encouraging ample rest to recharge from the day.

PowerMac Misfit Shine2

Fitness is a personal experience.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum metal, the SHINE is made to last the years and designed to fit just about any lifestyle. It is lightweight, subtly stylish, and complements any daily fashion statement, taking it from the office, the streets, to the gym.

The SHINE can be worn in a variety of ways, given accessories like a silicone sports band, a powerful magnetic clasp, and – soon to come – an elegant necklace and leather watch strap.

PowerMac Misfit Shine3


To put it simply – the SHINE is for everyone. From the regular boy (or girl)-next-door, to the avid stylish traveler, to the professional athlete, and even the high-rolling executive.