Filipinos in general are always on the lookout for the latest trends. We never stop striving to be better and trying the newest products that make our lives easier. It’s no surprise now that there are more and more adult smokers who are looking for alternatives to smoking and some opt for vape products. However, sadly, a lot of products in the market do not measure up to the expectations and needs of vapers. From expensive prices, e-liquid leakages and short battery lives, these are just some of the problems facing vape users. These are the challenges faced by adult smokers who want to bring change to their lives.

Change can sometimes be a difficult journey to begin. But sometimes, it’s the path we have to take for better and more meaningful experiences. Take for example the case of cigarette smokers who have had to deal with their partners or friends being disappointed with the foul smell, billowing heavy smoke and messy cigarette ashes scattered all over. Imagine the hopeful change they want to make not only for themselves but for the people they value most.

When RELX began in 2018, their mission was to help adult smokers find a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. After 4 years of providing consumer centric and convenient vape products, RELX has now helped over 22 million RELXers make that change to a better alternative. Not surprising it is now the *Philippine’s #1 Vape Brand.

This coherence in RELX’s brand identity and values are reflected in how it leads the industry in terms of quality, standard and market share. With its five laboratories, RELX consistently applies its Super Smooth technology that cover 58 inspection procedures, 18 rigorous quality control measures and more than 200 tests, safeguarding the reliability and consistency of each and every RELX product.

Among its accomplishments was setting up a bioscience laboratory which aims to study and optimize insights on e-cigarettes and its effects. This initiative acts as a center for research particularly on the impacts of vapor products and a place where future, long-term research results can be shared to a global audience. It is through this scientific approach that RELX sets itself apart because through research, it is able to design and develop better and trustworthy smoking alternatives.

Never sitting on its laurels though and always ready to challenge itself to give the best to its customers, RELX wants to encourage hope for those who want to make that change.

As markets adjust and preferences gradually shift, new challenges and trends demand considerations for the better. RELX’s new brand identity involves three new core elements: the Phoenix, the Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun. Under its new branding and revitalized brand purpose, RELX is focused on creating hope for its customers as well as providing high-quality, consumer centric, and convenient vape products.

The Phoenix, The Ray of Hope and The Color of the Sun

The myth of the phoenix dates back thousands of years but its symbolism is timeless. The story of the golden bird that is born over and over again, rising from the ashes to live a new life, restored and renewed.

As a brand that empowers people to rise from the ashes – both literally and figuratively – and begin living an aspirational life, the story of the phoenix epitomizes who RELX is.

As the core symbol, The Phoenix encompasses RELX’s brand essence. Radiating hope and lifting people up on its wings, the Phoenix acts a powerful beacon for the brand, bringing the timeless story to life not only for RELX but to its users and potential customers

The Ray of Hope symbolizes the lighter, brighter future of possibility that RELX unlocks. It’s an inspiring beam of positivity and life, casting a warm glow on the lives of users and illuminating an incredible path ahead.

Through its products’ exceptional quality, unique SuperSmooth™ technology and commitment to its vision of making vaping the better choice, RELX gives Filipinos the best value for their money. With the company’s new and refreshed branding, it conveys the brand’s continued focus on providing the best quality and innovative e-cigarette products to users around the world. It also communicates the brand’s focus on championing and supporting RELX users who embrace change and are always exploring new possibilities.

As a trusted brand for Filipino adult smokers, RELX continues to empower users through its superior vape products developed with cutting-edge technology and harnessing its industry-leading technologies and scientific advances through RELX’s Technology. This same trust is reflected on the fact that RELX is the Philippines’ Vape Brand of choice.

Similarly, as many adult smokers want to make that big leap of faith and begin their new journey, it won’t be difficult for them at all to find RELX as it is easier now to encounter original devices and pods. RELX is available in 2,500 7-Eleven stores nationwide apart from 250+ Exclusive RELX Stores, Online Flagship Stores and Authorized Resellers.

Watch out for RELX’s refreshed look as they #MakeThatChange on their kiosks, physical stores, digital presence, new packaging, new flavors and latest product innovations. RELX assures their consumers that with a refreshed look comes a stronger commitment to help the millions of adult smokers in the Philippines find a better alternative to smoking and start their #NoSmokeSmell journey.

*Based on E-commerce Data F.Y. 2022

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