DESIGN CONCEPT : “THE GO ANYWHERE SCOOTER”Reinforce the sporty character: Deep outline to apply geometry, simple line and shape to define the stereo feature.

Emphasize the sporty styling:the strength with powerful feature line deliver kind of well-executed and brisk rhythm to strengthen the sporty styling and the speed with aggressive spirit.

Minimum parts construct:to reduce the burden of energy source and follow the strategy of “Clean Earth”, this also reduce client’s economic afford, Agility 125 adopts the design strategy of “Minimum parts construct” to create a “win-win” strategy between customer and supplier.

Reinforce the utility character: the utility function of rear seat allows user to bend it up to become a backrest for the rider. Besides that, an optional rear rack with top case will enrich the loading space, to upscale the utility function for business user. Large floor space can carry cases, fits 5 gallons of water, LPG tank and other stuff to make the motorcycle truly a utility model.


ENGINE                                             4 STROKE , 1 CYLINDER, AIR COOL ,CVT ENGINE
BORE & STROKE                            52.4X57.8
DISPLACEMENT                            125CC
HORSE POWER                              5.41 / 7,500 KW (R/MIN)
TORQUE                                           9.01 / 6,500 N.m
TANK CAPACITY                            5 LITERS
BRAKING SYSTEM                        FF DISC/RR BRUM
SUSPENSION                                  FF TELESCOPIC/RR UNIT SWING
TIRE                                                   TUBELESS 120/70-12 130/70-12
CHASIS                                              PIPE UNDERBONE
COLORS                                            YELLOW,WHITE,BLACK AND RED


Wide floor board that can fit 5 gallons of water, big enough to carry any required loads for personal or business needs.



Flexible Seat, the two cut type seat can be used as back rest or support especially during long rides.



Tough and sharply designed rear lamp, making it very visible even during daytime.



Big under seat compartment that can fit a helmet, big enough to fill with other personal stuff.



12 inch tubeless tire, big and wide to make the riding experience more stable even on rough surface.



Passing light switch to communicate with other riders or other vehicles during turns and over taking.


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