Live in a new modern home on the outskirts of the city but with a refreshing set of amenities, all at an affordable cost

Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning to panoramic views of breathtaking sunrise and lush greeneries and end the day with an equally inspiring sunset? Who doesn’t dream of living in a relaxing setting while still having easy access to modern comforts and key establishments such as school, work and places for leisure?

As city living increasingly becomes less appealing, more homeseekers are realizing the advantages of living on the city’s outskirts. MySpace Properties, Inc., a progressive property developer of residential communities, promises residents an upgraded lifestyle in the suburbs at an affordable cost with its pioneer mixed-use development, The Hive. Located in Taytay, Rizal, The Hive gives residents the opportunity to invest in their future not only by owning a property and place of residence but also by enjoying amenities and features designed to enrich their lives.

Invest in your wellness

Bank on Your Future: The Hows and Lots
No more reasons for you to skip the gym as The Hive offers its residents with state-of-the art exercise equipment

Stress from work, family life and even just surviving the heavy city traffic can take a toll on anyone. Encounters with nature, even brief, can alleviate mental fatigue and stress. Parks and other open spaces encourage relaxation, social interaction, exercise and meditation with their instantly calming ambience. Having quality landscaping and lush green spaces close to one’s place of residence is a good investment as both visual and physical access to greeneries can restore one’s ability to focus.

An active lifestyle can also contribute to overall wellness. A simple trick to staying active is finding something that you enjoy doing and encourages you to get moving.

The Hive allots 70 percent of its land area to open spaces, allowing its residents to bond with nature anytime of the day. It also has its own central park with premier landscaping and an open park where children can run around and interact with other kids.

The central park is surrounded by a tree-lined jogging path for a daily morning or evening run or a quick bike ride. After work or on weekends, you can visit the gym, which has state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Invest in your leisure time

Bank on Your Future: The Hows and Lots
The Hive promises its residents with larger living spaces more conducive for family rearing

All work and no play can make one dull. Taking time off daily stressors, going for some personal time or simply being around loved ones can do a lot to recharge and improve one’s state of mind. But more often than not, additional costs and inaccessibility of areas of relaxation hinder leisure time with family.

At The Hive, resort-like amenities are just a short walk from the doorstep. You can spend an entire afternoon with your family basking in the large lap pools. Kids can also enjoy swimming on their own at the kiddie pools adjacent to the lap pools.

The amenity core area has pocket gardens with seating spaces for those quiet afternoons and while finishing a book amid the tranquility of nature. At night, you can gaze at the stars from the clubhouse’s rooftop while feasting your eyes on the ground level amenity views.

Invest in your relationships

Bank on Your Future: The Hows and Lots
Special occasions will be made more special when celebrated at The Hive’s generously spaced multipurpose hall

Relationships with family, friends, and even colleagues and mentors are the richest source of joy, meaning and fulfillment in life. These special bonds create lasting memories that can come in handy during life’s hardest moments.

Celebrate all special moments with family and loved ones at The Hive’s spacious clubhouse, which has its own multipurpose hall. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or even a simple get-together will be doubly special with the festive ambiance and amenities.

Invest in your family’s security and convenience

Bank on Your Future: The Hows and Lots
Family outings are just a few walks away from your doorstep with The Hive’s resort-like amenities

Homeseekers invest in properties with their family in mind, considering the space, security and convenience that comes with a potential residential space. At The Hive, your family is assured of uncompromised spaces with large unit cuts starting at 30.10 square meters, providing spacious living areas for greater comfort and privacy.

Moreover, each tower at The Hive is equipped with 24/7 security, fully functioning CCTVs and emergency light in common areas to guarantee safe and worry-free living for you and your entire brood.

Connectivity and convenience are at the center of The Hive’s design. Its strategic location near the exit ramp of the C6 Expressway provides an escape from the rush-hour congestion in C5 and EDSA. Moreover, the MRT 4 project that is expected to go into service by 2025 is seen to cut the travel time between Taytay and Quezon City to less than an hour, making Taytay more accessible.

Invest in The Hive

MySpace Properties, Inc. sees suburban communities as fast becoming the preferred residential investment among Filipinos, be they an entrepreneur or mid-executive wishing to settle near the workplace, an OFW looking for a good investment or an upgrade from their previous place of residence, a young family scouting for a conducive place to raise children or even empty nesters hoping to retire in a secure yet calming environment. With The Hive, you can also have the opportunity to invest your hard-earned money in an upgraded and modern lifestyle that will surely suit your family’s needs today and in the future.

Visit us at the Valley Fair Town Center for more information and discover the possibilities of suburban living.

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