April 2022 – Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc. (J&J Philippines) continues its support for the Department of Health’s (DOH) aggressive efforts to make COVID-19 care available to Filipinos, through the donation of the essential home recovery products. The antiseptic gargles and lozenges for sore throat, as well as alcohol and soaps for hand hygiene will be included in Kalinga Kits for distribution to communities to prevent further transmission of the virus.

Director Beverly Lorraine Ho of the DOH Health Promotion Bureau and Disease Prevention and Control Bureau said, “Managing and containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is a continued fight, but one that gets a bit easier with the help of our friends in the private sector.”  

“Collaboration, commitment, and solidarity are essential to ending COVID-19. That is why we are thankful to our partners, including J&J Philippines, for always being ready to help Filipinos in need of care,” she added.

“It is great news that we are starting to see a semblance of normalcy return to our lives though this does not mean that we should let our guard down,” said president and managing director of J&J Philippines, Raghu Krishnan. “We will continue to do our part to assist where we can and hope that the donation of these self-care essentials will enable individuals batting the virus at present to manage their symptoms without having to leave their homes.”

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