Filipinos continue to spruce up their home and living spaces, maximizing each room for maximum enjoyment and use. And with a lot of on-demand entertainment now made more accessible, a family’s home entertainment system has evolved from just being a device to watch movies and series with to a multipurpose and flexible device.

This is why there is now an increasing interest in building personal home theaters – with celebrities and personalities leveling up their home entertainment systems and showing the results on social media. 

And with Samsung, this is made more innovative and exciting. Samsung remains the leader in the TV segment with unparalleled picture quality and mind-blowing sound, and is bringing more wow to the TV experience. The 2023 Neo QLED, Samsung OLED, and updated Q Soundbar are set to redefine premium viewing and continue Samsung’s unsurpassed streak as the #1 global TV brand.

Samsung launched this next-gen home entertainment lineup at the More Wow Than Ever event and guests immersed themselves in a world of premium entertainment like never before at experience pods. The brand also took the opportunity to introduce three ambassadors who personify the Samsung holistic entertainment experience.

Building an epic home theater with a fully immersive entertainment experience

Doug Kramer is known as a family and sports fan, but many are not aware that he is also a huge tech fan. Over the last few years, the husband, father, and digital content creator has built his own home theater with the top of the line entertainment system and Samsung now brings more wow to his third home theater with the Neo QLED 8K TV.

How Samsung's 2023 Flagship TVs Bring More Wow Into The Homes of Erwan Heussaff, Doug Kramer, and Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo
Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV is a game-changer allowing Doug Kramer to see every detail and feel every moment like never before.

“When I built the Kramer home theater, I wanted to give our family movie nights the optimal experience. Watching movies together is one of our favorite pastimes, and it’s important for me to spend quality time together, especially as the kids get older,” he says.

Kramer enjoys the cinematic perfection the Neo QLED 8K TV brings to his home, which he says is even better than going to a movie theater. The first-class screen boasts the highest resolution available in the market. This brings life-like colors, textures, and details, transporting the Kramers right into the action. Its Mini LED technology offers exceptional contrast and precision, making blacks deeper and whites brighter. The lighting guarantees clarity and accuracy, even in the most explosive blockbuster scenes.

The cinematic experience is complemented by the updated Q Soundbar with wireless Dolby Atmos. Its rich, cinematic sound transforms the room into a movie theater or live concert venue with the power of up to 22 speakers working at once. The complete entertainment setup of the Neo QLED 8K plus Q Soundbar lets Kramer see, hear, and feel every scene.

Building memories and connecting with family through a world of content

Erwan Heussaff is a creative maverick who champions food, travel, and Filipino culture. He is exposed to a world of content and this expanded further with his growing family. Now, he turns up the wow and connects with his family through watching films with the Samsung Neo QLED TV.

How Samsung's 2023 Flagship TVs Bring More Wow Into The Homes of Erwan Heussaff, Doug Kramer, and Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo
For Erwan Heussaff, there’s nothing quite like being able to access a world of content with ease through Samsung Neo QLED’s Smart Hub, a feature that intuitively curates what’s next on the watchlist for every single person in his household.

“Before having [my daughter], I watched a lot of action movies and travel documentaries. Now we have to compromise a bit at home. Having Dahlia diversified the content we watch, and truthfully, it’s amazing how Samsung gives us access to a world of content that we can watch as individuals, as a couple, and as a family,” says Heussaff.

The creator and his family use the Samsung Neo QLED’s Smart Hub, which gathers everyone’s favorite content in one the place. The curation of titles is intuitive, taking the guesswork out of selecting what to watch so Heussaff can spend more time with his family.

Picture quality is always next level as Samsung upscales all types of content to 4K. EyeComfort Mode also automatically adjusts the picture’s brightness and colors depending on the environment to lessen eye strain, an important feature for growing families. 

Building legendary entertainment experiences at home for gaming and beyond

Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo defeats her opponents in style as the country’s best-known cosplayer and e-sports gamer. She brings the wow every time with a premium gaming setup by Samsung.

How Samsung's 2023 Flagship TVs Bring More Wow Into The Homes of Erwan Heussaff, Doug Kramer, and Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo
As someone who’s serious about gaming, Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo is a believer in Samsung’s OLED TV which not only provides immersive, life-like visuals but also features an impressive 144Hz refresh rate.

“I’m happy that the gaming industry has flourished throughout the years. Gamers can now pursue this career full-time. With that in mind, they have to level up their gaming gear. I’m happy that Samsung provided these top-level gaming TVs,” she shares.

Gosiengfiao-Quimbo triumphs over challenges with Samsung’s latest addition to its TV lineup: the OLED TV. As games continue to refine their graphics, Samsung exceeds expectations with innovations like the Neural Quantum Processor 4K. This ensures that every detail has breathtaking clarity and depth with perfect blacks and infinite contrast.

The gamer remains undefeated with the Samsung OLED TV’s 144HZ refresh rate. This means a lightning-quick response time with unnoticeable low input lag, resulting in smooth gameplay and realistic and fluid motion.

It’s no wonder that top creators like Doug Kramer, Erwan Heussaff, and Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo choose Samsung for their personal home entertainment. They expect a certain standard that only the #1 global TV brand can bring.

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