Using your PayMaya card to shop online over the holidays (especially this 12.12) is a “super sulit” habit to get into. Why? If you’re a PayMaya user, and you use your PayMaya card to shop online, you can enjoy cashbacks (up to 100%), and that’s on top of the 12.12 promo from the merchant stores you’re buying from. So it’s really a win-win habit. That’s discount + cashback + secure payment convenience.

Now in case you’re still deciding which marked-favorite items should make it to your 12.12 shopping cart, below is a quick list of my own (in case my usage scenario matches yours, and you just need that final nudge to buy that “maybe” item). Swipe through the images below.

  • Enjoy cashbacks when you use PayMaya to shop online this 12.12
    Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

In theory, my laptop lets me “work anywhere”. In reality, I want my laptop screen a short distance away from me, I like my Bluetooth keyboard better than the laptop’s, and I enjoy some space in front of me (on a table) so I can read printouts and write on my notebook (which I can’t do if my laptop is eating up space in front of me). A laptop stand accomplishes all of these. There are even some bonuses – the space under the raised laptop will be a “reclaimed” for stowing things away, and the now-raised screen’s eye-level will force me to straighten up my sitting posture. So this laptop stand is a sure buy. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve secretly borrowed my wife’s laptop stand to “get the feel” (when she’s not using her laptop, of course). My only worry is that one of our cats will sleep under the raised laptop (the reclaimed space) and then later stand and my laptop will end up on the floor, with more dents and dings than it already has.

Compact Camera Bag

Did a lot of window shopping before I found this. No to bulky camera bags that want you to haul a big mirrorless camera and 4 lenses. No to awkwardly designed smallish camera bags that look like lunch boxes with shoulder straps. Yes to a crossbody-style bag with space dedicated only to a camera and few accessories (I only have a compact Panasonic Lumix LX100ii and a few lighting accessories). This triangular bag lets you easily swivel it from back to front (and reverse). The limited space inside forces me to bring just what I need for event coverage – the LX100ii and accessories, notebooks and pens, power bank and cables, a compact foldable umbrella, and maybe a small Bluetooth keyboard. Love the green color, too.

Cat Scratching Mat

The only thing standing between our nine cats and our furniture are three scratching posts strategically placed around the house. But we need more. Hence, this planned purchase. It’s not a “dedicated” scratching post, but something more versatile – a mat you can roll around a table leg or post, nail on a wall “corner”, or drape on to one side of a sofa chair (as the picture shows). I’m thinking of actually buying more if our cats love these.

Short Fast-Charging Type C Cable

The nice thing about your Type C charging cable, the one that came with your Type C charger, is that you can bring it with you anywhere, and use it on any power bank to charge your phone. The bad things? You can lose it and it’s too long – you end up tying up the extra length or carrying it awkwardly while you carry in one hand both your phone and the power bank. Too tedious. No thanks.  So, I’m getting this short cable, which also claims to allow fast charging.

Lazy Phone Holder

This is more of a curiosity buy than anything else. It’s so cheap that it won’t hurt even if it doesn’t work as promised. And if it does work, and I can laze around watching on my phone, I’d be happy.

Stylish Cat Vest

We have 9 cats at home, so we harbor the fantasy that someday they’d love wearing vests and we can walk them in the park. Sadly, Silver, our ornery (and noisy) cat, has escaped from every vest we’ve wrestled him into; and no vest will fit comfortably on our 8.6kg Siamese cat, XinYi. But hey, there’s (maybe) always hope.

See-Through Bluetooth Keyboard Cover

The Logitech K380 is my favorite Bluetooth keyboard – it’s bring-anywhere compact, its keys are round-shaped and curves inward (convex) to “take in” your finger’s outward-curved (concave) tips. It has a long battery life, pairs with 3 devices all at once, and detects if your device OS is Windows or Mac and the keyboard layout adjusts accordingly. But it has taken its share of drops and dings and cat claws and coffee spills and I want to extend its life. Hence, this keyboard cover that supposedly fits it snugly.

Cute Pet Backpack

It’s just, I mean, come on. It’s so cute. I’m just worried our cats will get stressed out – they’re used to a pet carrier with limited viewing holes. Also, I wonder if the bottom will hold out when our heavy cat XinYi is inside it. So this is an experimental purchase. If our cat hates that much exposure, we’ll just drape a towel over the backpack.

And now here’s the “payoff” with PayMaya

With this haul, I will spend about P5,000 – not bad, considering that I have a lot of items on my cart, but since I’m paying with PayMaya, I can get this for even less!

If I redeem the PayMaya voucher at the Lazada app, I can get a 30% discount (max of P150) on my purchase. Add to that at least a 1% cashback of P50 (note that you can get as much as 100% cashback, max of P500 per purchase) as well as an additional P150 cashback from my accumulated spend of P5,000 – I instantly get P350 worth of cashback from PayMaya.

Keep in mind that you can also get up to 100% cashback, maximum of P500.00 for your purchases. So if you happen to get 100% cashback on a less-than-P500-worth item, you just bought it for free. Isn’t that awesome?

The PayMaya cashback offer is not just for online shopping

Now, the 12.12 sale is also offered by physical stores and establishments, and that’s why PayMaya cashbacks can also be enjoyed when you pay in-store via PayMaya QR (Scan to Pay), which is a super easy mode of payment – you just need the PayMaya app on your phone and internet connectivity. No need to bring a thick wad of cash, fumble with your wallet, worry about change, or wait a long time at the counter while your cash is being counted and exact change prepared.

PayMaya QR payment is usually finished in under 5 minutes. When we bought, via PayMaya QR, a back massager, a compact ceiling fan, and a new water purifier set at an Ace Hardware sale a few days ago, it took longer for the store baggers to securely pack the items than it did paying for them.

Now, with all the cashback offers, paying via PayMaya QR is not only convenient, it’s rewarding too.

When you #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR with a minimum spend of P100, you can get a 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback, maximum of P500. Similar to its online promos, if you have an accumulated spend of P5,000 you can also earn an additional P150 cashback.

And if you missed the 12.12 deals, you can get a chance to enjoy a 100% cashback twice from December 14-15, with PayMaya’s double cashback weekend.

And that’s the wisdom of shopping convenience for you, why pay cash when you can pay with PayMaya and enjoy all the convenience and rewards it brings?

About PayMaya

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