GrabChat, an in-app messaging feature of the Grab mobile app, now has a photo-sharing feature. According to Grab Philippines, GrabChat, now used by 44% of all Grab bookings in the country, has reduced both booking cancellations (in Southeast Asia by up 50%) and curbed driver cancellations in the Philippines (due to “passenger no show”) by 56%. Now, GrabChat’s new photo-sharing feature aims to make the pick-up experience for passengers more convenient (and further curb cancellations in the process). With this new feature, available now for both the iOS and Android versions of the Grab app, riders can snap a photo of where they are and send it to their driver to make finding pick up points easier. Grab is the first regional ride-sharing app to implement such a feature.


  • will use photo-shared image to improve accuracy of designated Points-of-Interest (POIs, the green dots). This is crucial as roads in the Philippines can be complex and pick-up locations aren’t often as straightforward as “in front of the mall”. Collected photos will help Grab understand which locations are confusing, why they are so, and how Grab can improve finding them.
  • plans to let drivers share photos with passengers later in the year.
  • is looking into having the photo-sharing feature to be built into other Grab services. Soon, you might be able to share a photo of your favorite meal so your driver can help find it, and deliver it faster to your doorsterp, while it’s fresh and warm in the bag.
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