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Globe Business pushes for stronger IoT adoption in PH 

Mike Frausing, Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Service Group, served as one of the keynote speakers and panel members of the conference. He noted that the Philippine telecommunications industry must address key elements in order to optimally reap the benefits of IoT such as improved coverage, connectivity, latency, capacity, big data, analytics, and security as well as more affordable devices.

archive, News, Tech

Schneider Electric on Integrating with IoT in the Philippines 

Mobile connectivity and technology have continuously evolved since the first mobile phone call in 1973. What started out as a simple phone call from a Motorola researcher has now transformed into Short Message Services, Data Calls, Mobile Internet Browsing, and many other technologies that keep us connected. And in this age of the Internet of Things (IoT) our connections are not just limited to other people who have phones, we have access to our car radios, home security systems, and other devices, all within the palms of our hands.