MANILA, Philippines – Online shopping has become a part of our everyday life. Today, with just a few swipes and clicks, you can get almost anything you need over the internet – including your groceries. Gone are the days when we had no choice but to walk through crowded aisles, spend hours aimlessly looking for the items to cross off our lists, and have to carry them all at the end of the checkout line. Now, convenience is right at our fingertips. Online grocery shopping has made it easier for us to stock up from the comfort of our own home, even when we’re on the go or stuck in traffic. For specialty grocery store COOP Grocer, they guarantee an all the more enjoyable experience that is fresh, fast, and frictionless. 

An assortment of the freshest food and more 

Opening the COOP Grocer website or mobile app, users are greeted by a clean and minimalist layout with a straightforward and user-friendly interface that is easy on the eyes. What’s even more pleasing is its range of carefully curated meats, seafood, and poultry – different cuts of which are ready-made and available. COOP also offers an extensive variety of alternative milk options, as well as fruits and vegetables with guaranteed overall freshness. As if that’s not mind-blowing enough, these items vary from the budget-friendly (check out their staple veggies like onions, garlic, potatoes, and carrots as examples of their out-of-this-world budget-friendly prices) to the mid- and high-end premium.  

COOP Grocer prides itself in being a one-stop shop where customers can find the freshest food available, including brand-name products here and abroad and even start-up specialty eats like Dalawang Milkmen’s locally produced guilt-free and indulgent greek yogurt, and Chingolo Deli’s imported 100% grass-fed Argentinian beef. Shoppers also have their pick of locally sourced fruits and vegetables harvested straight by the hands of Filipino farmers or international produce shipped fresh and direct from countries as far as Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Spain, and the US, among others. You can even find your everyday household items such as self-care essentials, pantry stocks, and even your daily prescribed or over-the-counter medicines.  

When it comes to their selection of meats and poultry, the company also goes straight to the source, collecting their wide array of fresh meats directly from local farmers, effectively eliminating the middlemen and allowing them to offer competitive pricing for its customers. Rest assured “Fresh” is paramount to the COOP Grocer experience. After every order is made, extensive quality control is performed to guarantee freshness before it leaves the fulfillment center and makes its way to the customer. When shopping with COOP, customers can feel assured knowing full well they’ll get quality at their doorstep.

Get your widest selection of FRESH food at your convenience with COOP Grocer

A reliable brand you can trust

Shopping at COOP Grocer doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. Simply browse its wide selection of products, choose what you want, and click the checkout button at the end in one fluid and harmonious step. What’s even more convenient is the company promises real-time inventory at 98% accuracy; that’s a highly efficient inventory system that accurately monitors its stocks to ensure products are always readily available for customers, so they never have to deal with out-of-stock situations or receive surprise substitutes in their bags. When you shop at COOP Grocer, what you see and pay for is what you get. There are no “cut-off” times, no shoppers’ fees, and you are guaranteed next-day delivery before 7pm for all orders made by 11:59pm. All this you can do thanks to COOP’s reliable Customer Interface that’s always there to update you on your order, advise you on delivery schedule, and respond to you should you have any concerns. 

You also never have to worry about security. Payments are done entirely online, and customer privacy is treated with utmost importance. Only first or last names and the order number are printed on the shipment details to protect customer identity. Additionally, mobile numbers are never shared with third-party drivers as all communication or queries are directly coursed through the company’s in-house Customer Interface team only.

With COOP Grocer, freshness and happiness are guaranteed! If, for any reason, you are not 100% fulfilled or satisfied, simply let them know through their app’s chat section or through the mobile number that texted you, and they will make it right! Visit the COOP Grocer website at or download the COOP Grocer app today and register for free to start your fast, fresh, and frictionless online grocery shopping experience. 

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