From October 24 to 26 at Eastwood Mall Open Park, shoppers witnessed how easy it was to apply for a GCash card, activate it, and shop by paying via GCash – the debit MasterCard from Globe.

Globe GCash Bazaar

Likewise, partner merchants also benefitted from the payment transaction ease afforded by Globe Charge, which allows businesses to accept credit card payments through just a smartphone or tablet. (Read Globe sets new standard in retail payments with Globe Charge.)

Globe GCash Bazaar

Over 50 Globe Charge partner merchant stalls offering anything form shoes to trinkets to health consumables to gadgets to food, all payable, and conveniently, via GCash. Well, yeah, cash is good, too.

Through both GCash and Globe Charge, cashless payments are easier. Shoppers neither need to bring a ton of cash, nor make time-consuming bank deposits to pay merchants. Merchants also avoid buying expensive credit card terminals, because the little dongle plus a smartphone are more than enough – this means they can do business anywhere in the country as long as there’s Internet connectivity.

How’s that for making both shoppers’ and merchants’ lives easier? Thanks be to Globe.

Globe GCash Execs - Remo Garrovillo, Xavier Marzan, Carol Lim, Charles Pestaña

Left to right: Remo Garrovillo (Merchant Acquiring Sales Head, G-Xchange, Inc.), Xavier Marzan (COO G-Xchange, Inc.), Carol Lim (Co-Owner, BC Fragrances), and Charles Pestaña (Owner, Bagmaster).

 Check out Globe Charge for details.