[Manila, Philippines]: Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines continues to integrate sustainable solutions in its product manufacturing and business operations so that their trusted and superior products are produced and delivered in more sustainable ways from plant to shelves, and ultimately into every Filipino household.

P&G’s purpose begins with improving people’s lives with irresistibly superior products that are also sustainable. The Company aims to make responsible consumption possible by developing innovations, striving for a more circular approach in its supply chain, and providing alternative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Here are some of P&G’s recent solutions in product manufacturing and supply chain to make it a more sustainable journey from plant to shelf to every Filipino home: 


Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

P&G is one of the largest players in the consumer goods industry in the Philippines. It has stepped up to integrate sustainable solutions in its Cabuyao plant, which manufactures most of P&G products sold domestically. It purchases 100% renewable electricity and is a zero-manufacturing waste-to-landfill plant. It recycles over 300 metric tons of non-residual waste every year.

Green Facilities 

P&G’s LEED-certified Cabuyao distribution center houses energy-saving facilities that feature the use of roof skylights, roof ventilators, and automatic exhaust and supply fans that only run at specific times of the day to save energy during the cooler times of the day. P&G’s offices and plants have also started converting its use of fluorescent lights to LED light fixtures which use less energy than other types of light bulbs. The Company is reducing electricity consumption by utilizing motion detector devices in its lighting fixtures in the distribution center to eliminate the possibility that the lights will accidentally be left on in the mega-facility. These motion detector devices detect and measure movement inside the rooms in order to switch on lights when employees are inside and switch off lights when the rooms are empty. 

Sustainable Packaging

P&G also integrates sustainable alternative solutions in its product packaging. Safeguard multipacks eliminated its virgin plastic overwrap packaging to 100% recycled paper carton material, saving 8,500 kilometers worth of plastic waste every year, equivalent to one thousand times the length of the world-famous Boracay shoreline. Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Collection also uses 25% post-consumer resin for its bottle packaging.  

As they work on packaging innovations, P&G has also improved its product bundling packaging by converting single-use laminate-based bellybands and stickers to 100% FSC-certified papers, resulting in 66% less in bundling material usage and a 380,000 kg reduction in plastic waste.


Recyclable and Reusable Display Shelves

To further expand P&G’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in its business operations, P&G launched its employee-led Project LESS program in 2021 to provide better and more sustainable alternatives to other significant but often overlooked retail materials such point of sales materials (POSM). The initiative resulted in the development of “Flexi-POSMs”, which are collapsible, reusable, and paper-based in-store displays. P&G’s flexi-POSM has a changeable visual structure that allows P&G brands to easily redesign and reuse the flexi-POSMs for other brand launches and initiatives. 


Sustainable Delivery Solutions

P&G launched a regional sustainability partnership with a leading e-commerce company to recycle used cartons from its Cabuyao plant for use as last-mile packaging in e-commerce delivery. Cartons converted into honeycomb-like protective wraps are now being used as replacements for the previous plastic bubble wrap paddings. The honeycomb-like protective wrap reduces usage of single-use bubble wrap plastic while providing the same quality of packaging protection.

P&G’s beauty brand Olay also produced a “Ship-In-Own-Container” molded carton packaging for online purchases, eliminating the need for additional customization and last-mile packaging materials such as bubble wrap, fillers, and tape.

These efforts are a testament to P&G’s commitment to find ways to design for reduction, reusability, recyclability, and circularity in its manufacturing and supply chain operations.  

P&G Philippines was recently recognized at the 2022 Asia CEO Awards with the Sustainability Company of The Year’s Circle of Excellence Award. The award is given to organizations that achieved important success in environmental progress and demonstrated leadership and commitment to sustainability.Visit P&G’s website to learn more about its ongoing efforts to promote sustainability in every aspect of its business.

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