If you work hard or lead a fast-paced lifestyle, you need a flagship phone that keeps up with your needs – speed, all-day stamina, audio-video satisfaction, a design that draws looks, and cameras that bring you results you’ll be proud to own and share with the world. That’s the Xiaomi 12 Series, probably some of the best implementations of Android in both user interface and over-all device experience. Here are five reasons to go for flagships instead of middling midrangers.

They look and feel, in your hands, as though you paid premium

Because you did. Careful thought went into the materials of the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro so that the overall heft, sturdy feel, and tactile experience would be satisfying. The design of the rear camera array alone considered a less common approach (so the rear look stands out), with the cameras’ slight bump not interfering with both use and whatever fitting brand of phone case you prefer. The display (more on this below) and its responsiveness, to compliment the premium feel, are stellar.

Flagships give you gorgeous visuals and satisfying sound quality

A “flagship” phone isn’t one if it can’t wow and entertain. The Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro do exactly that, as both come with WQHD+, dynamic 120HZ AMOLED display that assure clear and smooth visuals (high contrast even under bright lights and outdoors) with vivid colors. Photos, videos, and anything on these phones look good. Also, bad listening experience don’t belong in a flagship phone – the Xiaomi 12 series feature QUAD speakers with SOUND By Harman Kardon, for crisp and clean sound (you can enjoy both drums and dialogue clearly).

Using them is the definition of intuitive use and speedy performance

The Xiaomi UI has been said to be one of the most intuitive Android skins around, and with the impeccable performance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the processor inside the Xiaomi 12 series, there are no lags or stutters on the device’s visually crisp and smooth 120HZ AMOLED display.

Flagships can handle the resource-demanding games on Google Play

The Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro will run just any game you find on the Google Play Store, from Genshin Impact to shooters like Call of Duty Mobile to emulators. With a great display and awesome sound, there’s nothing in the way of an enjoyable mobile game play.

Their phone cameras, rear set up and selfie, are why some people will ask what phone you use when uploading pics and vids on social media

No one likes blurred pics. That’s why the Xiaomi 12 series have ProFocus, which, because of algorithm learning, tracks the movement of objects (such as kids and pets and sports events) for a clear captured image. The devices also feature Ultra Night Mode, so you get impressive results in low light (such as evening parties and concerts). Both these features brighten the details in the scene so your pics and vids are share-worthy on social media – not every camera can do well in low light, and the Xiaomi 12 series do.

They last the whole day and gets back in the game as soon as you do

The line between work and fun have blurred these days. Good thing the Xiaomi 12 series have two awesome battery features. HyperCharge means the included wired charger (67W) allows you charge the phone fully in just 39 minutes. The other feature is Turbo Charging, which means that 50W wireless charging can max -out-charge the battery in just 53 minutes.

You can buy the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro at Xiaomi stores and partner stores nationwide, and online at their official stores on Lazada and Shopee. You can dive into details on the Xiaomi 12 series at https://www.mi.com/ph/product/xiaomi-12/.

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