All Saints Day and All Souls Day—also known as Undas in the Philippines—gives families and friends the yearly opportunity to honor the saints and their departed loved ones. This flurry of activity can cause heavy road traffic, but the right preparation and mindset can help ease the stress and make the experience worth the trip.

  1. Prep is key! 

Download the MPT DriveHub app—a travel companion app which lets you easily tap and track your Easytrip and CCLEX RFID accounts! It provides real-time traffic advisories to help you estimate your travel time. Use it also to calculate your toll fees, look for rest stops along NLEX and SCTEX and call for emergency roadside assistance via the direct customer service hotline.

Five hacks for your Undas Drive
  1. Reload before hitting the road!

RFID is a great tech that allows for smooth and safe travels. Just make sure to reload your Easytrip and CCLEX RFID ahead of time via the MPT DriveHub app and reload in real time before traveling to your destination to avoid any travel delays.

Five hacks for your Undas Drive
  1. Safety first! 

Before the trip, make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and keep in mind the “BLOWBAG” rule: check your battery, light, oil, water, brakes, air, gas. The goal is to get to the destination without any glitches or car problems. But in case of emergencies, Savvice Corporation offers towing services along NLEX, as well as maintenance, traffic auxiliary, and roadway system services.

Five hacks for your Undas Drive
  1. Knowing is winning

Always drive responsibly and remember that in case of any road trouble, you can call MPTC Hotline: 1-35000 or you can simply tap the emergency button through the MPT DriveHub app for roadside emergency assistance along NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, C5-LINK and CCLEX.

Five hacks for your Undas Drive
  1. Make your final travel destination fun!

Before heading back home, stop over at NLEX Drive and Dine located in between Valenzuela and Meycauayan exits along NLEX Southbound. This toll service facility along NLEX offers a wide variety of food establishments and outlet stores set in a relaxing ambiance. A great way to unwind, relax, and create more fun memories with family and friends!

MPT Mobility is the innovations arm of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), whose aim is to improve the overall Pinoy traveling experience through its tech-forward products and services.  For more information, visit

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