New on-demand salary platform Advance has partnered with Sitel® Philippines, one of the largest providers of customer experience products and solutions in the country, to advance employees’ financial wellness through its services.

With this partnership, over 43,000 employees of Sitel Philippines may easily access a portion of their salaries anytime by way of a flexible credit line through a mobile app in as quickly as a few seconds. 

Users of Advance simply have to download the Advance mobile app, create an account, and complete the verification process. After successful registration, users will be granted credit lines and immediately see what they are eligible to borrow. They will then choose the amount and payment terms, review selected items and digitally sign the legal contracts to finalize the request. Once accomplished, the borrowed amount is almost instantly credited to their chosen account.

“Accessibility and ease of use are among our main considerations in designing our platform,” says Advance CEO and co-founder Jaime de los Angeles. “We want to ensure that our service is always reliable – 24/7 – so we can give Advance users an additional sense of security knowing that they have an immediate financial option whenever they need the assistance.”

For Sitel Philippines, one of the top employers in the country, providing overall employee wellness is a company commitment —from health, education and training, diversity and inclusion, and now financial wellness. 

“Financial wellness is part of our holistic approach for the total wellness we want for our employees,” says Pam Donato, Sitel Group® VP for HR – Philippines & China. “Our partnership with Advance provides not only short-term aid to our employees during times of emergencies but also assistance for them to attain even bigger and long-term financial goals.” 

Besides credit lines and salary advances, users of Advance can also look forward to more services, including insurance and savings features. Advance is also developing a deeper financial suite, such as working capital lines for businesses, and educational and cash management tools to help promote financial literacy and progression among the Filipino workforce.

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