The tunes of the past decade helped define our everyday life. What better way to kick off 2020 than by choosing your anthem for the new year? Check out these playlists put together by YouTube Music and you might just find the songs that will shape up your year–or years–to come!

Finding The Playlists To Jumpstart Your 2020

Today’s Biggest Hits

Whether you’re an up-to-date biggest hits fanatic or someone living under a rock hoping to finally reconnect with the world through the latest music, YouTube Music’s Biggest Hits playlist can help you start fresh over and over again. Constantly updated, this playlist includes songs from top artists in the country such as Moira Dela Torre, Rico Blanco, and Ben and Ben.

Finding The Playlists To Jumpstart Your 2020

Philippines Hip Hop Hotlist

A recent resurgence of hip-hop music and culture in the Philippines spells the need for a constantly updated playlist fit for all your Filipino Hip-Hop needs. This playlist includes songs from James Reid, Curtismith, and “Neneng B” composer Nik Makino.

Finding The Playlists To Jumpstart Your 2020

K-Pop Hotlist

It seems that with each day that passes, more and more Filipinos are converted into the K-pop craze. If you’re planning to dive into the world of catchy tunes and dance moves this 2020, or if you’re simply just a sucker for K-pop, check out this playlist which currently houses hot tracks from Blackpink, BTS, TWICE, and many more.

Finding The Playlists To Jumpstart Your 2020

00’s sing-along

Even if moving on and forward should be a constant goal, looking back on great memories–and songs– can undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. YouTube Music’s 00’s singalong playlist contains hits you surely sang in the bathroom and in front of the TV. Songs from Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber dominate this feel-good playlist.

Finding The Playlists To Jumpstart Your 2020

Acoustic Covers of Love Songs

Perhaps instead of starting the new year with a bang, you would rather start it in a more peaceful, relaxed, and serene manner–hoping that this is how your year would mostly be like. Soothing tunes and calm vibes come together in the Acoustic Covers of Love Songs playlist which is perfect if you just want to sit back, relax, and welcome the new year with a pleasant smile on your face.

YouTube Music recently introduced new playlists–Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix–to make your music experience more personal.

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