It is now well-established that effective and sustained lifestyle intervention is the foundation of treatment in practically all major prevalent medical problems like cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung problems, diabetes, and cancer.

However, busy healthcare providers usually have very little time to provide their patients individualized, simple and sustainable prescriptions particularly on diet, physical activity and stress management.

According to Mr. Hudson Pelayo, FLA Dean, their training modules and workshops incorporate lifestyle medicine as an essential therapeutic tool in addition to drug treatment, and offer a more holistic management of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and more.

“Drug treatment is needed in most cases,” says Pelayo, “but an effectively implemented lifestyle intervention on top of drug and/or surgical treatment is a more naturally oriented and rational holistic management approach,” he explains.

The Academy’s faculty also includes Dr. Blecenda Varona, founder of the Asian Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, who has helped improve the health and wellness of over 100,000 people all over the world. She has authored several books, lifestyle medicine web-based applications, and various health and wellness programs.

International motivational speaker and life coach Richard Tamayo handles the workshops on stress management and cultivating enriching relationships in the workplace. Tamayo has inspired audiences in the United States, Canada, and Asia. He commits to helping people experience powerful breakthroughs through principle-centered seminar workshops on personal development, emotional wellness, family and relationship improvement, stress management, team building, and leadership.

Noted cardiologist and editor, Dr Rafael Castillo, who is FLA’s Dean Emeritus, provides medical perspective in the various modules, highlighting the importance of combining lifestyle medicine with drug treatment in prevalent medical conditions.

For its continuing series of life- and health-enriching workshops, FLA recently launched “Winning in the Workplace”, a training series comprised of well-designed courses and programs specifically made for each organization’s requirements, with topics ranging from lifestyle medicine strategies with a focus on preventing lifestyle diseases; cultivating strong, healthy, and productive workplaces.

Through its highly-structured courses and programs, FLA aims to impart uncommon knowledge, skills and best practices to participants which they can use and readily apply in both professional and personal settings, all while realizing their full potential as creative, passionate, dynamic and productive individuals.

The Academy is the new addition to multimedia company FAME Inc.’s (Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions Incorporated) growing number of divisions catering to medical and health-related communications services.

For more information, you may email or call (02) 892 07 23 or 24 loc. 112.

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