Pop-up store brings premium Taiwanese brands to Manila

For seven days, Filipino consumers can catch a glimpse of Taiwanese culture at a pop-up store in Manila. Under the theme “Let’s Home Party,” the 2016 Wow! Taiwan Selects Pop-up Store is set to launch on May 23 at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City and will run until May 29.

The store will feature 15 premium brands that will let Filipinos experience the best of what Taiwan has to offer. Among these include lifestyle products such as handmade leather shoes and built-in stoves, as well as food and beverages including fruit-flavored beers, mochi desserts, and other delectable treats. For the ladies, beauty products ranging from eco-friendly skin cleansers to moisturizing facial masks are also available.




Organized by Taiwan’s Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) and Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), the 2016 Wow! Taiwan Selects Pop-up Store is promoting unique and world-class products to showcase the country’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Below is the event’s roster of premium brands:


  1. Dr. Morita facial masks make skin moisturizing safe, effective, and even fun.
  2. Derma Formula offers skin care products that are not only effective but are also affordable.
  3. Naruko is a skincare expert that uses safe and natural ingredients that are friendly to the environment.
  4. City Color offers a range of top-quality cosmetic products for any occasion.
  5. Hydron lays out a palette of eye-catching contact lenses in over a hundred stunning colors.
  6. TS6’s cleansing and beauty products are formulated with probiotics that are proven effective for feminine health.

Life Style:

  1. Kimo’s handmade comfort footwear leverages German ingenuity for Asian feet.
  2. O’Ringo’s delicate dress shoes are handcrafted to elevate men’s style.
  3. Sakura’s built-in stove and other innovative home products are designed to bring comfort and efficiency to any home.
  4. Brio’s Karaoke System takes home entertainment up a notch with cutting-edge technology for the sound market.

Food & Beverage:

  1. Royal Family mochi desserts are made of Taiwan’s best quality raw ingredients including sweet peanuts, mellow sesame, soft red beans, sweet green tea, dense taro, and fragrant brown sugar.
  2. Hunya’s chocolate treats are making their way from Taiwan’s list of favorite snacks to the international market.
  3. Sweet Mountain crackers and fruit jelly snacks are 100% Taiwanese and make for perfect snacks at any time of the day.
  4. Yon Ho has made health fun and delicious in a bottle of soy milk or rice milk.
  5. Taiwan Beer delivers the authentic taste of Taiwanese breweries in classic and fruity flavors.

The 2016 Wow! Taiwan Selects Pop-up Store runs from May 23 to 29 at the ground floor of Glorietta 1 in Makati City. The store will be open from 10am to 9pm, except on May 27 and 28 where it will remain open until 10pm.


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