Moms are constantly under a lot of pressure—they’re expected to be perfect while taking care of their families. Most even juggle having a career at the same time. But motherhood is messy and even the most organized mom can make mistakes like forgetting to put utensils in her kid’s lunchbox, missing a piano recital, or getting the wrong kind of snacks from the grocery store! These moms, while struggling at times, still do their best because #RealMomsGetItDone!

Tang champions all the brave, real moms who’ve embraced motherhood’s messiness and imperfections with open arms. Despite having it tough and being imperfect, these moms still succeed in caring for their families in the best possible ways. Thankfully, a few real moms are open to sharing some of the most brilliant pieces of advice for those who still feel the pressure to fit into the mold of perfection. These moms were recently the focus of an art exhibit celebrating the expectations and realities of being a mom.

Bianca Santiago Reality

Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

For the fashion stylist and writer, being a real mom is about letting go and not taking things too seriously. “Life is all about messy beautiful situations, and if there’s anything I’ve learned so far in being a mom, it’s to not take things too seriously. So I’ve literally let go, let God and mom-ed hard,” she shares.

Nicole Hernandez-De Los Angeles

The TV host and model tells us that as a mom, she prioritizes balance in order to keep her household running smoothly. “Every single day, I try my best to balance everything. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff, and as long as my family is happy and healthy, we’re good!”

Divine Lee-Go Reality

Divine Lee-Go

Being a host, blogger, and entrepreneur doesn’t stop Divine from getting the most out of her time. For her, time management is key. “As a working mom, you’ll eventually learn how to maximize your 24-hours by tenfold. Despite the challenges, what really get things done are the strength of a mom’s heart and her love for family.”

Bettinna Carlos

Life as an actress, model, and entrepreneur doesn’t hinder Bettinna from accepting that motherhood is always messy and never perfect. She encourages other moms to find the beauty in it. “The pursuit of perfection is pointless, and we need to embrace the sobering reality that family life is messy and it’s okay. It’s fun, and that’s what makes it real and beautiful,” she shares.

Bettinna Carlos Reality

Janice Villanueva

Entrepreneur and and Mommy Mundo CEO Janice tells moms to embrace the chaos of motherhood while striving to have a good outlook regardless of the pressure. “Mom life is filled with moments, both fulfilling and challenging, happy and sad, of bonding and of letting go, of quiet calm and organized chaos. Like most things in life, perspective is important, and if we keep in mind our purpose, getting things done becomes natural, effortless and even a pleasure!”

Nina Rayos

Working as a vlogger and make-up artist, days can be hectic for Nina. However, she gets through all the busy days by having fun, no matter what. She tells other moms to do the same, so they can also enjoy motherhood. “It’s really hard to juggle between my life as a mom and a vlogger as it’s not just about me anymore. A simple task of dressing up can be challenging with my kids playing around, but I’m learning to enjoy every moment and never lose myself in the process.”

Colleen Mateo

Host and blogger mom Colleen is often challenged by having a picky eater for a child. To keep her sanity, she shifts her perspective by remembering all the positive traits of her kid. “Having a kid who’s a picky eater will definitely test your patience and perseverance as a mom. Instead of getting annoyed, I’m just thankful I have a loving child and I get to raise him the best way I know how.”

Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles Reality

Via Austria

Vlogger mom Via knows how to look at life and motherhood in a realistic way. She also appreciates the beauty in its imperfection. Her advice can undoubtely help moms during their challenging days. “Being a mom is less rainbows and unicorns, but more crayons on the wall. Nonetheless, it is the most challenging yet rewarding job at the same time because it brings color to my life.”

Kris Lumagui

Mom and vlogger Kris learned to accept that no matter how much planning goes into motherhood, one should always be prepared for unanticipated changes. She says that it’s important to seek for opportunities even when things don’t go as planned. “As a working mom, I learned that not everything will go as planned. I have sleepless nights with my baby staying up late, but I see them as opportunities to bond and play with him.”

Isha Borromeo

Vlogger mommy Isha points out that mothrhood isn’t glamorous and picture-perfect. “People see YouTuber moms like me always glammed up at events and expect that everything is effortless to me. In reality, juggling all my responsibilities, as well as making time for my son takes hard work, and I cherish the little things, because they are mundane yet special,” she shares. Indeed, the little things make motherhood worthwhile.

Saab Magalona Reality

Saab Magalona-Bacarro

Actress, musician, and entrepreneur Saab encourages moms to tap into their creative side while appreciating moments with her kids and hubby. “Creatives like myself are often seen as mere hobbyists but the beautiful chaos of being a mom helps me write better music and makes me appreciate every moment with my family.” Being with family, she says, enriches her artistic pursuits.

Delamar Arias

Being a radio DJ and host, Delamar wants real moms to know that it’s okay and normal to be messy. “Motherhood is often depicted as glamorous and put together, but this usually isn’t the case. Whether I look good or not, one thing is for sure – I always get things done for my family because of my love for them.” Getting things done for the family is more important than looking polsihed all the time.

Tart Carlos

Actress, comedienne, host, and entrepreneur Tart shares that moms should never expect themselves or their kids to be perfect. “Moms always try to be perfect, and sometimes expect their kids to be perfect, but this is next to impossible. After all, moms didn’t just give birth to their kids. Moms give their lives to their kids, and all we want is to be happy together.” Being realistic and accepting flaws are key ingredients for a happy home life.

Delamar Arias Reality

Rosebud Benitez

Working as a chef, host, and entrepreneur often puts Rosebud on the spotlight. However, she knows that reality is far different from what is expected. “Being a mom is far from how we see it being portrayed on media. In reality, we have to deal with a lot of mess, especially in the kitchen where I usually bond with my kid.” Acknowledging this truth makes motherhood bearable and more fun.

Anne Clutz

Vlogger and entrepreneur mom Anne says that motherhood shouldn’t be a hindrance to pursuing your own passions. In fact, it could be something moms can share with their kids! “They say that when you’re a mom, you can no longer do things you truly love, or probably not as as often as before, but I disagree. Up to this day, I bond with my daughter through our fondness for makeup, and that is the true beauty of motherhood.”

In this day and age, the image of motherhood has changed. It’s certainly not picture-perfect. Moms must embrace the fact that there will be cracks along the way and that’s totally okay. Motherhood must be celebrated for its realness and unfilteredness, so more women will be more empowered to be themselves. Tang encourages moms to break free from the pressure of perfection – just be real and get things done!

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