Picture this: It’s a warm, sunny day, the ideal weather to go to the beach. The water that spans the horizon is of a blue-green gradient. The fine white sand creeps between your toes and not a patch of seaweed litters the beach. You hear the sound of the crashing waves and feel the cool sea breeze brush through your hair as the warm sun kisses your skin. You close your eyes and take it all in: the sights, the sounds, the sensation, and the scents of beautiful, pristine nature.

It’s a perfect day to go a special place where you can escape all the pressures and worries of life. You run as fast as your feet can take you to the infinite pool of crystalline water. The refreshing seawater takes your breath away as your mind floats peacefully with the waves. And once you’ve had your fun, you drift back to shore, to your spot under a palm tree. Here you are, here you can be yourself.

H Paradise Product Shot


Now imagine capturing the essence of the beach, one of the ultimate summer getaways, in a bottle. Tupperware Brands, through the H Paradise Collection, allows you to escape to your summer haven! Take a trip down a sandy memory lane with a scent that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and serenity to your being.

When you’re ready to bring sweet memories back, summertime is a spray away with the H Paradise Collection. H Woman Paradise is a Fruity Floral fragrance available as a Body Mist and Skin Softening Hand & Body Lotion, reminiscent of fresh summer days. Also available as a Body Mist and Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is H Man Paradise with a Woody Musky scent, which triggers memories of summer love.

Follow your nose towards summer and get H Paradise by contacting your local Tupperware dealer or visiting a regional Tupperware Brands branch.