Working from home has become the norm for most people nowadays, and it might still be for the next few months given the current circumstance. With this, the demand and popularity of video conferencing platforms will surely continue since these enable staff and employees to communicate and collaborate despite not being physically present in the office.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is a preferred video conferencing platform in Asia, including the Philippines. Through Zoom, companies and businesses can conduct their weekly meetings, applicant interviews, conferences, and even webinars virtually and with ease.

And by opting for one of its paid subscriptions, Zoom Pro, from Globe myBusiness, the team can get access to unlimited meeting minutes, webinar and large meeting rooms, usage reports, and other useful features.

Aside from these, there are more advantages that businesses, especially MSMEs, can enjoy and maximize when they purchase Zoom through Globe myBusiness. First, Globe myBusiness will provide onboarding support, online training to help the staff understand Zoom features, navigate the platform, and enjoy local aftersales support.

Second, no credit card is needed when paying for the subscription because it can be charged to a monthly Globe myBusiness bill. Convenient, right? Lastly, businesses that bulk purchase 20 and up paid Zoom licenses (except for Zoom for Education), will also be able to enjoy discounts and preferential rates!

To kick-off 2021, Globe myBusiness is launching its new exclusive offer featuring two solutions for the price of one, the Direct Internet* and Zoom** bundle, that can save you as much as P15,000*** per month on your service fee. Globe myBusiness’ high tier direct internet will raise the productivity of your workforce and get work done more efficiently, enabled by a dedicated, scalable, and reliable internet, backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

This service perfectly complements Zoom Pro, assuring quality and seamless voice and video calls among staff and employees.

Sign up now via or contact your Globe myBusiness Account Manager to learn more!

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