During these unprecedented times, it is all about finding anchors that foster a sense of joy. Every stressful situation is an opportunity to grow but sometimes, all we really need to do is to give ourselves permission to lighten up and enjoy the pleasures of lighthearted fun with your entire family!

The summer season brings loads of chances to carve out playful moments that enrich a family’s bond in many valuable ways, especially when sheltering together during a global pandemic. The act of simply laughing uproariously with your loved ones and enjoying goofy games are the stuff that amazing memories are made of! Savor life to its fullest with the serious business of play through these easy Golden Oreo games that are guaranteed to give hours of hilarious delights for the entire family!

Face the Oreo

Enjoy a Golden Summer and #MakeEveryMomentPlayful at Home with #GoldenOREO!

How fast can we seize opportunities that pass us by? Transport an Oreo cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands! To begin, players must tilt their heads back and place an Oreo in the center of their foreheads. In the event that the cookie drops, the player needs to restart with another piece. Fastest player to gobble up the Oreo wins!

Stack the Oreos

Enjoy a Golden Summer and #MakeEveryMomentPlayful at Home with #GoldenOREO!

How good can you stack odds to your favor? Race to pile as many Oreo cookies can you in a single tower in one minute! Grab a plateful of Oreos and a timer to find out! Players face off to build the highest tower of cookies within one minute. The highest stack at the sound of the alarm wins!

Oreo Catapult

Enjoy a Golden Summer and #MakeEveryMomentPlayful at Home with #GoldenOREO!

How often can you catch serendipitous moments? Test your dunking skills as you hurl Oreo cookies into a glass of milk! Gather your supplies and catapult your way into the spirit of competitive fun! To play, you first need to build a simple catapult. Bundle 6 jumbo popsicle sticks together. Wrap a rubber band around both ends of the pile. Stack another two pieces of jumbo popsicle sticks together and secure their ends with another rubber band. Pull the two popsicle sticks slightly apart and gently insert the larger stack of sticks between them to form a T-shaped catapult. Wrap the middle with more rubber bands to secure. You are now ready to use this simple contraption to propel cookies into a glass of milk. Ready to battle?! May the best Oreo dunker win!

Life’s golden moments are a great compass for navigating through periods of uncertainty. Grab a pack of the limited-edition Golden Oreo, a delicious vanilla version of your favorite classic cookie, available in supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores nationwide, and retails at Php 76.50 (multipack) and Php 41.50 (slug).

Golden Oreo is also available online via Lazada http://tiny.cc/6p6hoz at PHP 127.50 for a pack of 3 slugs.

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