Manila, Philippines – Gifts have always been one of the joys of the Christmas season. It’s a particularly exciting time for kids. Looking back on past holiday seasons, many of us can remember the excitement and anticipation that comes with waking up on Christmas day, celebrating the occasion with our families, and finding the presents we’ve been waiting for all year – colorfully wrapped and tucked under our Christmas trees. 

As much fun as it is to receive them, the same amount of joy can be found in the act of giving gifts as well. While the pandemic may have changed the ways Filipinos celebrate Christmas, temporarily eschewing traditional big family gatherings in favor of online reunions and smaller, more solemn affairs, finding gifts has never been easier. Thanks to online shopping, you’re only a few clicks away from getting the ideal gifts to give your loved ones.

Encourage healthy habits this Christmas with these gift ideas from Philips

Even before we add things to our online carts, we spend so much time thinking of the perfect things to give our family and friends – carefully considering their interests, personalities, and needs. After all, gifts are one way of showing appreciation and celebrating the connections we’ve made with the people who bring joy into our lives. 

Another reason for gift giving is to express support for the people we care about as they embark on new journeys or life experiences. For our friends looking to go all in on a new hobby, or a relative starting a new stage in life, gifts are ways for us to encourage our loved ones to keep going – knowing we’re behind them all the way. 

Having built a legacy of creating meaningful innovations that improve lives, Philips makes it easy for Filipinos to create and support habits that promote health and uplift well-being. From mother and child care solutions, hair tools, oral healthcare products and more, Philips aims to help more people across the country achieve their goals to be healthier, feel better, and take care of what matters to them the most. 

For new moms starting their motherhood journey – help make mom life easier with Philips AVENT 

Encourage healthy habits this Christmas with these gift ideas from Philips

While few things in life compare to the joys of raising a child, being a mom can be challenging. That’s why having a solid support system as well as the right solutions to help make the motherhood journey easier can make a big difference. For new moms looking to provide their babies with the most natural way to bottle feed, the Philips AVENT Newborn Natural Starter Set is designed to give a more comfortable and contented feeding experience for your baby. Made with BPA-free materials and ergonomically designed for easy handling, bottles from the Philips AVENT Newborn Natural Starter Set come in different flow rates and sizes to keep up with your baby’s growth and development. 

Ideal companions to the bottle set, the Philips AVENT Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Premium dries and stores bottles and accessories, keeping them sterile for up to 24 hours. Using the power of pure steam, the sterilizing process is chemical-free, and your bottles are ready for your baby’s next feed in just 40 minutes. 

Inspired by babies and made effective for mothers, the Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump Premium Plus is designed to adapt to the different needs of many kinds of moms. Natural Motion Technology helps express more milk in less time, while a quiet motor and slim construction help provide a discreet experience, even while on the go. 

Encourage healthy habits this Christmas with these gift ideas from Philips

For a loved one who wants a new look – Enjoy easy styling with Philips Hair Tools 

To empower people to confidently experiment with new hairstyles, Philips has a couple of hair tools for anyone looking to change up their looks. Made to put curls in the spotlight, the Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler is designed with SplitStop Technology which optimizes heat and minimizes friction to respect your hair from roots to tips. Eight temperature settings give you absolute control over the heat, while keratin-infused ceramics help keep your hair strong, healthy, and gorgeous looking. 

For salon-fresh hair, anytime and anywhere, the Philips Hair Dryer 3000 Series powerfully mixes warm and cool air for everyday care. Enjoy precise control with six different heat and speed settings, a unique ThermoProtect attachment dries hair quickly, and its slim nozzle focuses air flow, ideal for quick touchups and perfecting small details of any hair style.

For the foodies – Protect those pearly whites with the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 

The holidays are a time for indulging in sweet treats. After all, Christmas in the Philippines isn’t complete without bibingka, puto, leche flan and other kinds of yummy desserts and kakanin. For the food lovers in your family, power up their oral care routines for the holidays and beyond with the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300. It features advanced Philips Sonicare technology that pulses water between teeth to effectively break up plaque, while its densely packed bristles provide users with a gentle yet powerful cleaning experience that improves gum health by up to 100%.  

Encourage healthy habits this Christmas with these gift ideas from Philips

For dads looking for the perfect shave – Enjoy powerful and precise grooming with the Philips Series 5000 Shaver

Is your dad tired of dealing with all those little nicks and cuts that can happen while trying to shave his face? Designed to deliver a powerful shave that’s gentle on skin, the Philips Series 5000 Shaver makes for an ideal partner in his grooming routine. It features SkinIQ technology that adjusts cutting power for an effortless shave, while 360-degree fully flexible heads follow facial contours – ensuring optimal skin contact during dry shaves, shaving with cream, or even under the shower.  

Philips Personal Care and Oral Health Care products are available at the Philips Personal Care Official stores in Lazada and Shopee, while Philips AVENT products are available at the Philips Avent Official stores in Lazada and Shopee, and in-store at retailers nationwide.  

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