In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Filipino can still smile.

Despite the upheavals and disruptions of almost all aspects of life, the Philippines has been witness to many acts of kindness, especially at the frontlines where the massive support for the frontliners can be seen. While Filipinos are well known all over the world for having warm smiles, they are forced to hide them behind a mask.

To pay tribute to this, the Department of Tourism has released a video entitled “Smile” featuring a rework of the beloved 1990’s Eraserheads song, “With A Smile.”

DOT Releases Video Saluting Frontliners and Other ECQ Heroes

The video salutes the resilient and brave men and women at the frontlines: medical health workers, grocery and convenience store clerks, delivery men, basic services and utility crew members, and the police and military officers who keep us safe.

Directed by Joel Limchoc, the video was pieced together from existing user-created videos and photos already posted online in social media and the news media. Much like the DOT’s lauded “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign, it was put together through authentic, 100% crowdsourced content.

DOT Releases Video Saluting Frontliners and Other ECQ Heroes

Ely Buendia, who composed “With a Smile” for the legendary band, the Eraserheads, generously allowed the use of his composition.

Singer and songwriter Bea Lorenzo provided heartfelt vocals over a sparse, cinematic reworking of the classic anthem. For Lorenzo, part of the video’s subject matter struck close to home, as both her grandfather and father are medical doctors.

DOT Releases Video Saluting Frontliners and Other ECQ Heroes

“Smile” is a reminder of what remains good in the Filipino. As the familiar tune reaches its uplifting climax, the video reminds every Filipino, “Nothing can take our smile away.”

The video can be viewed here:


As a tribute to our modern-day heroes, we made a short video sourced from captures of everyday kindness; guided by the same spirit in its making. We thank Ely Buendia, who composed “With a Smile” for the legendary band, the Eraserheads, for generously allowing the use of his composition to pay them tribute. Singer and songwriter Bea Lorenzo, whose grandfather and father are medical doctors, performs the reworking of the classic anthem.Filipinos are known for their smiles. Even if we can’t see the smiles behind the masks, their warmth can be felt in acts of compassion and kindness.As we wait out the end of this challenging time, let us never forget to show the world who we truly are: a nation of kind, caring, and compassionate people.#WeHealAsOneThank you to our contributors:Alexis Agacite Mago, Andrea Olivar, Anne Tiongco, Arlene Arbas of DOH, Bea Caubat, Benjie Marasigan, Blane Rosales, Brylle Eldrin Balana, Camille Dowling Ibanes, Cecille Escano, Chad Chacon, Charlie Magne Amor, Coca-Cola, Daddy Gabby Bacarro, Danika Madulid, Department of Health, DLSU, DLS-College of St. Benilde, Dr. Gene Tiongco, Dr. Gerardo D. Legazpi, Dr. Jonas Del Rosario, Edrie Ocampo, Elmer Delen, Elmer Salangsang, Ely Buendia, Erik Nadal, Fr. Toto Cerada SDB, Gretel Teope, Jade Canoy Dingson, James Baruela, Jamir Gabrielle, Jerome Lanopa, John Paul Quelindrino, Julius Sabile, Kat Osorio, Katinko, Louie Poco, Makati Medical Center, Marie Angeles, Melissa Yeung Yap, Miriam Valero-Lopez, Nurses of Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Paolo Dillera, Peejay Villanueva, Perpetual Succor Hospital, Pinky and Arnel Alban, Popburri, Puch Agodon, Richard Richard, Tau Gamma Phi Karangalan Village Chapter, UP-Philippine General Hospital, Vir Ascabano, Wilbert Laforteza

Posted by Department of Tourism – Philippines on Saturday, April 4, 2020


DOT Releases Video Saluting Frontliners and Other ECQ Heroes

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