Creators from Indonesia, Malaysia and India take the top accolades

MANILA, Philippines – June 27, 2023

News Summary

  • Hanif Aldjaidi from Indonesia won the overall prize for his creative transformation of an old train graveyard into a collaborative and co-living space
  • Tan Yong Lin, Runner Up, from Malaysia, rejuvenated a sleepy town while paying tribute to its rich history and iconic features
  • Indian participants Flevy Harris and Rohan Urs came out top in the Sustainability and Design categories respectively, while Nur Nadhrah A. from Malaysia emerged as the winner of the Technology category

Full Story

Dell Technologies today announced the winners of its “Reimagined: #BuiltWithPrecision” challenge in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). The 30-day challenge, which ran from April 11 to May 10, 2023, invited 12 talented creators from six different countries to showcase their innovation and creativity by reimagining pre-selected landmarks – using Dell Precision workstations.

The submissions were evaluated by a panel of judges from Dell Technologies. From the APJ region, judges include Paul Carter, vice president, Client Solutions Group; Carol Lindell, vice president, Marketing, and Vivian Tai, head of Global Environmental Affairs and Production Responsibility. Global judges include Patrick Jones, senior advisor, Social Business Team, and Paul Doczy, design director, Mobile Business Product and IOT. 

The designs were assessed based on criteria that looked at the overall innovativeness of their concept, the quality of their design, the outstanding use of technology, the incorporation of sustainability, as well as the relevance of the concept design to local cultural contexts.

“Each participant has inspired and impressed us with their exceptional creativity,” said Paul Carter. “Dell Precision workstations embody how technology can drive innovation and bring ideas to life. It’s amazing how these creators leveraged the powerful features of Dell Precision workstations to push the boundaries of design, as they breathe new life into these landmarks through their design concepts and reimagine what their relevance could be in today’s world.”

Hanif Aldjaidi, 24, an architectural designer from Bandung, Indonesia, was named the Overall Winner of the challenge. Furnished with Dell Precision 7670 mobile workstation, Hanif created a concept design titled ‘Collaborative and Co-Living Space’ – which reimagined an old train graveyard into a lively work-and-play hub, with lifestyle elements such as a library, coffee shop and a sports facility creatively integrated into the train carriages. 

Dell Technologies’ “Reimagined: #BuiltWithPrecision” concept design challenge winners announced
L: The original state of the train graveyard at Purwakarta Railway Station; R: Hanif’s transformation of the landmark into a mixed-use development for people from all walks of life.

The challenge’s Runner Up, Tan Yong Lin, is a 27-year-old photographer and digital artist from Cyberjaya, Malaysia. His concept design titled ‘The Time Capsule’ demonstrated a purposeful reimagination of the historical Papan Town in Perak. Yong Lin used Dell Precision 7770 mobile workstation to not only restore the town’s historically significant buildings to their former glory but also to elevate them into cafes, museums and galleries. His concept included a glasshouse constructed specially to protect Papan Town’s iconic banyan tree – rejuvenating the town into an attractive destination for locals and visitors alike.

Dell Technologies’ “Reimagined: #BuiltWithPrecision” concept design challenge winners announced
L: The original state of Papan Town, Perak; R: Yong Lin’s reimagined version of Papan Town, which restored existing buildings while introducing newer, modern elements to pay tribute to the town’s unique history.

Category winners

Dell Technologies also acknowledged individuals who stood out not only for their strengths in design but also in the way they incorporated innovative technology and sustainability elements into their reimagined concepts. 

Three additional winners were selected in the special categories of Sustainability, Design and Technology.

SustainabilityFlevy Harris, 20
3D Artist
Original Landmark: Russell Market, Bangalore
Title of Concept Design: Green Oasis

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Flevy’s reimagined version of Bangalore’s Russell Market features a greenhouse built over the existing traditional market, elevating the visitor experience with comfort while incorporating innovative sustainability features.
DesignRohan Urs, 23
Original Landmark: Russell Market, Bangalore
Title of Concept Design: URBAN LUNG 2030

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A fresh architecture graduate, Rohan displayed his strong design skills through his thoughtful transformation of Russell Market. His detailed 3D renderings brought to life his ambition to embody innovation while preserving the traditional market’s valuable heritage.
TechnologyNur Nadhrah A., 30
Architectural Designer
Original Landmark: Papan Town, Perak
Title of Concept Design: Papan Cultural Restoration Renaissance

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Nadhrah’s concept design was centred on revitalizing Papan Town’s rich cultural legacy. She blends craft and technology by using 3D digital scanning as a modern conservation tool, to turn Papan into a vibrant hub for knowledge, skills, and stories.

“I am astounded by the exceptional creativity and innovation incorporated by the three category winners. Using Russel Market as a base, Flevy seamlessly integrated sustainability into his design to transform the market into a vibrant and eco-friendly attraction, while Rohan chose to preserve the market’s heritage and beauty to create a perfect blend of creativity and respect for the site. And finally, Nur Nadhrah blended craft and technology to turn Papan Town into a hub for knowledge, skills, and stories. Their talent and passion for reimagining their chosen landmarks are truly inspiring,” added Carol Lindell

All winners will receive the new Precision mobile workstations announced earlier this year. Hanif, the overall winner, and Yong Lin, the runner-up, will receive Dell Precision 7780 and Precision 7680 mobile workstations, respectively. And the three category winners will each receive a Precision 5680 series mobile workstation. All winners will also receive a set of Dell Premier Collaboration Keyboard and Mouse (KM900), which includes the world’s first Zoom-certified collaboration keyboard, Dell Premier Collaboration Keyboard (KB900) and the new Dell Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900).

  • The new Dell Precision 7780 and 7680, as well as Dell Precision 5680 that has the smallest 16-inch footprint in the world, offer enhanced performance and graphic capabilities to run graphic-intensive applications and software, which are highly sought after by creators, designers, engineers, and other specialized power users, while in the office, studio or on the move. The new enhancements include the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Laptop GPUs.
  • The sleek design of the Dell Premier Collaboration Keyboard (KB900) features dedicated touch controls to manage Zoom calls easily, allowing users to mute and unmute the microphone, toggle between video on and off, easily screen share and bring up the chat panel. Additional features include smart backlighting with hand-proximity detection, 15 programable keys and fast one-minute USB-C charging for a full day of battery life or up to 20 daysiii on a single charge. The keyboard can be paired with Dell Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900) which features a thoughtfully crafted design with a comfortable palm grip. This mouse has a track-on-glass sensor that allows seamless work on virtually any surface, while smooth gliding advanced four-way scrolling provides a more intuitive navigating experience. The mouse provides up to three monthsiii of battery life on a full charge. Both devices are seamless and more secure with Dell Pair one-click connectivity and transmission is encrypted to help keep your data safe. 

For more information about the Reimagined: #BuiltWithPrecision challenge, the winners and their concept designs, please watch the video below or visit our microsite and virtual press kit.


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