DBA Global Shared Services, Inc. (DBA), a professional services outsourcing company recently donated laptops to the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB).  

The donation initiative is on its fifth year. Another batch of laptops and mobile phone units are to be turned over by year’s end. DBA aims to boost the digital capability of CAB and help the agency perform its function of ensuring air travel safety and providing passenger assistance.  

CAB is an attached agency of the Department of Transportation tasked to regulate the economic aspect of air transportation. The agency is headed by Executive Director Atty. Carmelo L. Arcilla.  

The laptops were handed over by DBA president and CEO Darlow Parazo to CAB Chief Legal Officer Atty. Wyrlou Samodio at DBA’s Clark office.  

The laptops will be distributed to the Transportation Regulation Officers of the CAB’s Legal Division to enable them to quickly address queries, concerns and resolve passenger complaints at any time, from anywhere.  

DBA is the outsourcing arm of DBA Advisory, a leading financial services and technology firm in Australia. The company offers the services of experienced professionals to include accountants, financial planners, tax advisers, lawyers, paralegals, enterprise solution engineers, architects, human resources experts, project development managers and IT specialists.  

During the course of running its Philippine operations for the past eight  years, DBA executives, employees, stakeholders, clients and investors chart extensive travel to and from Australia, Singapore and the US.  

The travel that forms a major part of the business and the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the pandemic has solidified DBA’s intention to assist CAB in its operations. To know more about DBA, call +63 47 250-0901, email info.ph@dbaadvisory.com    or visit https://www.dbaadvisory.com 

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