Consistent with its commitment to provide secure and reliable internet access to customers, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. steps up its services by protecting its clients from one of the most common types of cyberattacks through Converge Anti-DDoS Solution.

With more enterprises performing the core of their business online, cybersecurity-related attacks are getting more frequent and complicated than ever. One of the most common attacks done by cybercriminals is called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

DDoS attacks attempt to exhaust networks, servers, or application resources to bring down their services. Motivations for DDoS attacks tend to be financial, philosophical, or political in nature. And with the emergence of smart homes and IoT devices, attackers are taking advantage of the exploits of these devices or the so-called “botnets” and “zombie armies”.

In a nutshell, DDoS attacks work like this: Imagine a small restaurant with a capacity of 50 customers getting bombarded by thousands of orders every minute from 10,000 customers. That is similar to how a DDoS attack operates on websites and applications. A deluge of requests results in downtime, and every minute of downtime translates to lost profit and productivity, which no business or enterprise deserves.

“On the other hand, indirect damages are somewhat reputational. Most of the time, it leads to a loss of trust in enterprise entities. With the upcoming elections, for instance, government, news, and media institutions are being attacked to restrict the flow of information,” said Converge’s Product and Network Solutions Head Gilbert Virtucio.

A report published by Cybersecurity Magazine estimates that damages caused by cybercrimes, including DDoS attacks, ransomware, malware, will cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025, a stark increase from $3 trillion annually in 2015.

A separate report made by NSFOCUS, meanwhile, said the number of DDoS attacks worldwide has been surging since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of DDoS attacks in August 2021, for instance, almost equaled the number of attacks in all other months of the year.

“Converge positions itself as an enabler for the next-generation of enterprise connectivity by bringing enterprise customers of all sizes from DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) to a future-proof Dedicated and SIA (Secured Internet Access)” said Converge’s Product Development Manager Sean Alegre.

Converge’s anti-DDoS product offers a hybrid anti-DDoS strategy that combines the agility of mitigating DDoS attacks through a local scrubbing center within Converge Network and the power of Cloud DDoS protection that defeats the largest volume of attacks. 

Converge offers next-generation enterprise connectivity through integrated DDoS protection service

With Converge’s offer, clients can entrust their cyber protection to experts with a dedicated and proactive 24/7 Security Operations Center.

“Converge is committed not only to providing reliable internet service to our clients, but also efficient and tested mechanisms to protect their business from cyberattacks such as DDoS. We defend their business so they can focus more on their growth,” said Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero.

Converge clients who will avail of the anti-DDoS solution will no longer need additional hardware, cutting costs and other resources. 

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