Let us honor our hardworking Dads with goodies from Pegi. The kitchen will prepare special Wagyu Mushroom treats to honor our heroes.

Potpies are popular snacks with generous savory filling. The perfect comfort food, an all-in-one meal, and a great option for meal-sharing events.

For Father’s Day, Pegi presents potpies with flavourful Wagyu mushroom filling and mashed potatoes. The favored Kitayama Wagyu is cross bred with native cattle and this happily results to a wagyu beef with a friendlier price.

Pegi’s Wagyu Mushroom Potpie has buttery short crust with fragrant black and white sesame seeds, melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef, gravy sauce with mushroom chunks and mashed potatoes.

For an extraordinary Father’s Day celebration, serve the Wagyu Potpies side-by-side with Pegi’s Liege waffles, scones, and Dutch Stroop wafers.

Visit our take-out counter located at 333 P. Guevarra street, Brgy. Little Baguio, San Juan. It is also available online via www.pegiwaffles.com, and Pegi waffles’ Facebook page via AUB Botty’s messenger.

Make sure to book bulk orders in advance. Call +632 8 866 5132 or 0995-6246391or 0927-7720819 for details.

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