In this age of mobile computing where tasks are performed faster in the digital realm, some traditions refuse to die down – such as the use of the more tedious typewriter, which used to be the most helpful machine at almost every Filipino home and office decades ago.

From the bulky, clunky ones that our grandparents and parents had used to do their homework and office work, typewriters eventually evolved into the sleek and electronic models. But these were nonetheless replaced as most offices and households upgrade to the more technologically advanced and user-friendly personal computers and laptops.

Enabler of traditions

As a brand that has shared the “typewriter” tradition with Filipinos for decades, Brother, a trusted brand of home and office machines, is probably one of the few brands which continue to provide its customers in the Philippines with reliable typewriters.

Glenn Hocson, president of Brother International Philippines Corporation (Brother Philippines) said, “The demand for typewriters continues in the Philippines. As an enabler of productivity, we will continue to supply the market with our time-tested brand of typewriters.”

This is despite the fact that Brother’s wide array of printers and multi-function machines for the offices and sewing and embroidery machines for homes can easily fill the minimal revenue gap that typewriters will have left behind.

“We will supply typewriters as long as there are offices and homes that ask for it. It is part of our commitment to take care of our customers,” Hocson said.

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From Japan to Your Side

Founded in Japan in 1908, Brother has won recognitions as a brand synonymous with delivering product innovation and customer satisfaction. Today, Brother now has 16 production facilities and 51 sales companies operating in 44 countries in different regions today.

In the Philippines, it has an extensive network of distributors nationwide and had put up two years ago a manufacturing plant for inkjet machines and consumables in Batangas.

Brother Philippines’s main products are printers that transform ordinary workplaces into productivity and creativity centers, much like how it transformed its printer products into “multi-function centers,” which have printing, faxing, scanning and copying functions.

It has also brought in the country its innovative set of sewing and embroidery machines for households, helping generations of mothers create wonderful clothes and linens for their family.

“At Brother, we have provided innovative and hardworking solutions that have time and again exceeded expectations. We truly value our heritage, technological innovation and loyal patronage both from households and businesses alike. We aim to be at our customers’ side every step of the way,” said Hocson.