Predator Thronos is built around the ecosystem hardcore gamers understand. The All-in-One Gaming Chair has all the right elements for a full and maximized gaming experience.

Predator Thronos immediately created buzz and anticipation when it was unveiled at IFA 2018. The almost out-of-this-world gaming chair looks familiar to sci-fi fiction fanatics with a motorized reclining seat, three-monitor setup, and buttons that were once only seen in movies.

Aptly named “Thronos” meaning “throne,” the ergonomically designed gaming chair aims to give gamers the full spectacle of a real gaming experience using advanced tools and the right mindset.

Predator Thronos

Designed to mimic a cockpit, it stands five feet tall and weighs over 485 pounds (or around 220 kilograms). It looks more inviting rather than intimidating especially for gamers who have been waiting to have the perfect gaming setup. The chair is padded that even hours-long of gaming will still make gamers comfortable and can just focus on the game. The footrest can be adjusted through the controller.

Control Pad

The Control Pad contains all the commands essential to gaming which include Zero-G recline, complete ergonomic integration, and peripheral-bearing keyboard tray. Even the mousepad is customized that also serve as a mount for the mechanized Keyboard Tray.

Triple Display Setup

The Triple Display Setup is composed of three 27-inch monitors placed side by side to give gamers a peripheral-filling embrace. The reclining seat can be tilted back up to a 140-degree angle. The controllers are all within the cave-like gaming chair. Each button’s functions allow gamers to adjust not only the seat but also the other components such as monitor and footrest according to their needs.


Instead of the usual speakers, Predator Thronos communicates its sound through the vibrations felt on the chair. The louder the sound the more intense the vibrations. This is specially made to allow gamers have a fully immersive experience.

The desired effect of Predator Thronos is for gamers to fully experience what it’s like in the games they are playing especially if it involves science fiction.

Acer showcased Predator Thronos at the SM North Edsa for hardcore gamers to experience the P1-million all-in-one gaming chair that changes the way landscape of the industry. Predator Thronos starts at PHP 699,999.00. For more information, you can visit Predator Gaming Philippines Facebook Page.

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