The recent events globally and locally intensify the urgency to expand sustainable energy solutions worldwide. As a sustainable city with various movements towards green-living, Bonifacio Global City recognizes the importance of eco-friendly practices, which has begun to receive recognition. 

Just recently, Bonifacio High Street was invited by the ASEAN Center for Energy to the Awarding Ceremony of the ASEAN Energy Awards 2021. The ASEAN Energy Awards, which started in 2000, is Southeast Asia’s prestigious annual recognition program which puts the spotlight on outstanding work in the field of energy. 

Bonifacio High Street Complex was selected as the 2nd runner-up of the Tropical Building category under the Energy Efficient Building Award of the ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Best Practices Awards 2021. 

Among BGC’s environment-friendly initiatives are its energy-efficient buildings, streetlights, and parks, promoting alternative transportation modes such as cycling and walking, creating more green spaces for the community, plus other programs that support renewable energy and lesser CO2 emissions.

On top of that, BGC also recently became the perfect venue to unveil a meaningful pop-up artwork organized by the Filipino-born global grassroots solar lighting movement, Liter of Light. The massive solar installation featured 1,500 hand-built solar lamps made by thousands of participants through the “Light it Forward” campaign. It created a symbol of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for Climate Action (UN SDG) #13: Climate Action.  

Through initiatives like this, BGC provides BGCitizens with an opportunity to Light it Forward and take part in the Light it Forward Challenge to help different communities and pay tribute to medical frontliners. According to Liter of Light, about 13 million Filipinos still don’t have access to electricity. With a kit that only takes less than 30 minutes to build and can light up a home for 12-16 hours every night, we can still lessen that number. 

BGC Embraces Sustainable Practices, Leads the Charge to a Renewable Future

Staying true to its promise, BGC continues to support advocacy groups working to address environmental problems and capitalize on opportunities offered to live out the practices that strive for energy efficiency, water conservation, pollution, and global warming prevention.

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