This Christmas, say no to common gifts and yes to a personalized surprise for your loved ones! #BeMoreThoughtful with every Golden Toblerone Christmas Ornament you give!

Christmas creates the perfect opportunity to show others how caring and giving you are. Giving presents is a way of showing how much a person means to us. However, giftshopping can be overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with the thick crowds in the mall, have limited time to shop, plus the time it takes to gift wrap everything!

Don’t give in to generic or common gifts just to get the shopping done. For any gift that you give, you always want it to be unique, thoughtful, and personalized. Since you’re giving a gift to someone special, they deserve a gift that’s as unique as they are!

This season, Toblerone has come out with a limited-edition Christmas pack that helps you #BeMoreThoughtful when it comes to gift giving! It’s the uniquely triangle, and deliciously Swiss chocolate bar you love, but the iconic golden packaging transforms into a personalized, one-of-a-kind Christmas Tree ornament! It also features a blank space to write a heartfelt message, or a drawing for your loved one. You can choose thoughtfully from 5 different ornament designs or collect them all to hang on your Christmas Tree and personalize to your liking. No one ornament in the world is alike. That’s what makes this gift as unique as your loved one.

So #BeMoreThoughtful and give a gift that doesn’t end when you finish a Toblerone bar but stays with you as a cute little heartwarming ornament – a reminder of the thoughtful gift you received this season.

#BeMoreThoughtful this Christmas and gift a uniquely triangle, and deliciously Swiss limited edition #TobleroneChristmasTreeOrnament, and watch your family and friends’ Christmas trees transform into golden, sweet delights!

Look for the limited edition Toblerone bars in leading supermarkets nationwide and leading online stores like Shopee and Lazada.

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