With the Yuletide season drawing near, everyone’s getting ready to find the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. Nothing beats a thoughtful and personalized gift that shows how much you care and how creative you can be! This Christmas, #BeMoreImaginative by giving a creative and thoughtful gift of Toblerone Blank Packs!

The Yuletide season can #BeMoreImaginative, thanks to the limited edition Toblerone Blank Packs. With these Blank Packs, you will have the chance to be your best creative self! You can give the well-loved triangular chocolate their own personal twist by writing thoughtful messages on the Toblerone Blank Packs.

This year, Toblerone will level up gifting by making you feel that warm Christmas feeling with pleasant holiday tunes design that truly warms the heart.

Limited Edition Toblerone Pack Designed by Louise Dimagmaliw
Limited Edition Toblerone Pack Designed by Abigail L. dela Cruz

Combine your favorite delectable honey, nougat,almond, and milk chocolate with a creative, and heartfelt personalized message and you surely can’t go wrong. They’re perfect to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them by being creative and imaginative. You can also enjoy the act of gift giving more as you prepare these personalized gifts!

Inspired by our favorite Christmas songs,these limited edition Christmas designs are fashioned by some of the country’s most sought-after and talented young, and local artists.

The art of Solenn Heusaff

Limited Edition Toblerone 360G Thoughtful Tunes Pack Designed by Solenn Heusaff
Limited Edition Toblerone 200G Pack Designed by Solenn Heusaff

It-girl, TV personality, model, and artist Solenn Heusaff returns as Toblerone’s celebrity designer and ambassador. She created two limited edition sleeves. Two beloved Christmas songs, Silent Night and Hark the Herald, inspired her distinct artwork for Toblerone. Gifters can also look forward to a special treat when they get the Toblerone sleeves designed by Solenn. Her limited edition design for Toblerone Milk 360g comes with a limited edition Toblerone Thoughtful Tunes! This will enable gifters to record holiday messages or holiday tunes that will surely bring in the Yuletide feels!

Aside from Solenn, the country’s most talented artists also designed limited edition sleeves inspired by our favorite Christmas songs. Abigail L. dela Cruz’s (@hyamei) design is a fitting homage to “Joy to the World;” Winnie Wong’s (@penelopepopart) artwork is a gleeful illustration of “Jingle Bells”; Louise Dimagmaliw’s (@louise.ann) design brings “Deck the Halls” to life; and Raxenne Maniquiz’s (@raxenne) art perfectly encapsulates “12 Days of Christmas.”

Limited Edition Toblerone Pack Designed by Winnie Wong
Limited Edition Toblerone Pack Designed by Raxenne Maniquiz

Gifters will also be glad to know that there will be Toblerone Christmas Mall hubs nationwide, in which they can design their Toblerone Blank Packs! Flagship stores will allow gifters to #BeMoreImaginative as they can print personalized sleeves! The Limited Edition Toblerone Thoughtful Tunes will also be available in the flagship stores! In addition, there will also be stores all over the country where gifters can get creative with their Toblerone Blank Packs with choice art materials.

This Christmas, #BeMoreImaginative! Let your creativity and thoughtfulness shine with the limited edition Toblerone Blank Packs inspired by your favorite Christmas tunes!

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