February 2022 – The roller coaster situation our country is facing has undoubtedly made life more challenging for everyone. It also does not help that head cold has become more common nowadays, causing discomforts that can put busy lives on hold. This means hours of lost productivity that affects not just one’s professional performance, but also other aspects of life that bring fulfillment such as quality moments with loved ones and even “me time.”

A head cold or common cold can cause even the most hardworking and dedicated people to feel limited and become unproductive. It is usually mild, but it can be annoying and debilitating at some point. Some of its most common symptoms include sipon (runny nose), baradong ilong (nasal congestion), and sakit ng ulo (headache)—or sipong baraulo. While these symptoms can weigh a person down, the good news is that there are medically proven ways to keep a head cold at bay.

“A head cold can be challenging especially if you have a hundred and one things to do in a day and there are people relying on you,” said the senior brand manager for Sinutab Philippines, Chili Perez. “With the all-NEW Sinutab® Cold Plus and Sinutab® Cold, you can easily rid yourself of sipong baraulo so you can power through your day-to-day tasks with ease and still be able to do other things that make you feel fulfilled and make your loved ones happy.”

The all-NEW SINUTAB® COLD PLUS from Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc. is the only head cold solution with TRIPLE POWER FORMULA that fights against sipong baraulo. It stops runny nose, clears nasal congestion, and provides up to six hours of relief from headache and body pain all in one go. With the all-NEW Sinutab® Cold Plus, you can be your best self again in no time at all. And for no-drowse relief from sipong baraulo, there is also Sinutab® Cold.

Never again let a head cold put your life on hold with the all-NEW Sinutab® Cold Plus and Sinutab® Cold. Available in leading drugstores and online via the Johnson & Johnson e-Pharmacy in Lazada and Shopee.

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