Just when ZenFans thought the surprises ended with the recent launch of the ZenFone Max Pro M2, ASUS Philippines throws another one just before 2019. This comes in the form of yet another compelling ZenFone, but this time for the budget-friendly, yet tech-savvy – the company’s first-ever Android GO powered smartphone – the ZenFone Live L1 Android GO Edition! ZenFans are now sure to enjoy highly optimized Android experience without the need to break the bank.

With its predecessor making a statement a few months back, the Android GO variant of the ZenFone Live L1 is still made with everything well-loved about its older ZenFone Live L1 sibling: an 18:9 HD+ display on a stylish 5.5-inch body, a 5MP selfie camera for one of the best quality photos, as well as a highly efficient 3,000mAh battery capacity. This time, however, it will have an Android GO twist – making for a uniquely optimized performing smartphone.

Google definitely pulled out all stops in giving the best smartphone experience to all kinds of people; especially with 2 billion active Android users, as Google tweeted out last May of 2017, in tow. Of course, thrifty ones in mind too – which is why the Android GO was created. With special exclusives meant for the entry level mobile users, there are definitely benefits to getting an Android GO smartphone. Let’s list to see some of the top reasons on why you’ll enjoy ASUS Philippines’ latest smartphone offering:

Space for the budget friendly

Android GO is designed to maximize the performance of smartphones with memory space that range from 512MB to 1GB. In other words, budget-savvy mobile phone users can enjoy the best device experience as Android GO allows massive effectivity with very little expense in both the wallet and the space.

Surprisingly fast and smooth

The fact that it is lighter and less reliant on resources and hardware specs, this particular version of Android actually allows 30% faster start-ups. Along with that, Android GO ensures smoother activity! Entry-level users will definitely have no problems catching up with everything they have to do on their smartphones.

Google it!

Android GO comes with apps that are exclusive for Android GO users. This ranges from the GO edition of Google Assistant to Google Maps GO! These uniquely designed applications are also made for lag-free usage. This also means, people with Android GO smartphones can enjoy hassle free video streaming with YouTube GO!

Bonus to this, Android GO’s Google Play helps highlight third party apps that are best for entry level smartphones.

Best back-up

Android Oreo GO devices have Google’s data saver feature. It will provide the user with more control over their data usage by managing applications without the need for users watching it closely. The Android team said it first: “it’s like having your own sidekick, but for data”.

Starting today, anyone can get the ZenFone Live L1 Android GO edition just for the price of PHP 4,995.00. Check out this list right now to find out where to get one!

For more information on any of the ZenFone series and other incredible ASUS products, tune in to the ASUS Philippines Facebook Page and the ZenTalk Philippines Forum.

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