Anti-oxidants for Anti-Aging?
Myra Ultimate Contains Triple Skin Nutrients that Deliver #GandaNgUltimate!

As women, we only want the best and most effective skin care products. Have you spent years testing which ones work on your skin and apply them religiously once you’ve found “the one?” Truth is, no matter how committed you are to your current skin care routine, there are still skin issues come up unexpectedly—fine lines start to appear, dark spots surface on your skin, and after a while, your skin no longer looks as plump.  Definitely, time isn’t on our side when it comes to aging. To achieve youthful beauty, we want proven products containing benefits that will provide us the ultimate level of beauty.

When this happens, you just might be in need something more to help with your skin issues—a more important step in the road to ageless confidence. Going beyond topical products is a supplement that nourishes us and activates anti-aging from within. Introducing, Myra Ultimate: a breakthrough skin supplement that allows us to be confident, beautiful and radiant as we enter our pre-aging and aging years.

Anti-oxidants for Anti-Aging? Myra Ultimate Contains Triple Skin Nutrients that Deliver #GandaNgUltimate!

Myra Ultimate answers our most pressing aging concerns—wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin—so that you can stay beautiful from within. Myra Ultimate is formulated with the ultimate solution to keep you ageless, vouched by beauty experts because of its Triple Skin Nutrients: Vitamin E, Lycopene and Astaxanthin a super-antioxidant with six thousand times the power of Vitamin C. An antioxidant of this power helps reduce fine lines and lighten dark spots. Astaxanthin also promotes the formation of collagen, helping you achieve firm, youthful skin despite the aging process.

Incorporating Myra Ultimate into one’s beauty routine is effortless: take one to two capsules nightly, as prescribed by a physician. To achieve full #GandaNgUltimate effect, make sure to make stick to your daily usage for best results.

Myra Ultimate is available in drugstores nationwide for P20/capsule, and can be purchased by piece or through 8s and 30s boxes. Shop now via the ULSSI Webstore, Lazada, and Shopee for that ultimate glow!

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