Manila, Philippines – As we gear up for another year, never let your allergies pull you down. Every day, we face allergens coming from different sources. Sometimes, you may find yourself sneezing uncontrollably, or experiencing colds with a runny nose and watery eyes. Allergy attacks are sure to impair your senses and hinder you from living your life to the fullest so you must be equipped. Kickstart your year with the world’s number one anti-allergy brand, Claritin!


Allergy symptoms might be common among people, so common that there exists a lot of misconceptions about allergies. Some of these myths include that if you ignore the allergy attacks, it will eventually go away. Sometimes, people even go as far as exposing themselves to allergens in the hope that they will become immune to it. There are also those who think that overtime, they will eventually outgrow their allergy and be “healed” completely.

ClaritinClaritin, the world’s number one anti-allergy medicine 1, continues its plight in fighting common allergies so that you free yourself from the allergy-filled world, anywhere and anytime. Claritin is the best choice because of its proven track record for the past 25 years. This gives the brand an edge and a deeper understanding of the allergy sufferer. Simply put, no one knows how to treat allergies better than Claritin.

For people who are always on the go, Claritin also came up with an orally disintegrating format in Claritin Reditabs. It’s so convenient that you just pop out one of it without the accompaniment of water and you’re set to conquer the world.

“We want to be able to make others work and play hard, without the interruption of their allergy attacks. With its proven efficacy and guaranteed reliability, Claritin is truly the number one anti-allergy brand in the world,” says Brand Manager Carmel David.


Be always ready to protect yourself from sudden allergy attacks by keeping Claritin Reditabs in your bags, purse, or even at your office desk. Claritin enables you to fulfill your many roles this year without the fear of allergies. Remember, trust only the world’s expert in allergy relief, trust only Claritin.

1 Based on IMS R4B MAT October 2015 database

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