GTS Insurance Brokers, Inc. (GTS), a full service insurance broking company, encourages its clients to avail of the telemedicine services of their health maintenance organization (HMO) partners such as Maxicare, Intellicare, Medicard, and PhilCare when in need of medical consultation.

Telemedicine services enable GTS clients to have remote consultation with physicians within the comforts of their own home. These consultations can be done via video conferencing, telephone call, or text messaging. These can help them get initial screenings for their medical needs.

Aside from protecting them from possible exposure to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) while outside, remote medical consultations can also help decongest hospitals and support front liners in the middle of the current pandemic.

Maxicare members can call the company’s telephone consultation hotline at (02) 8582-1980. Meanwhile, Intellicare, Medicard, and PhilCare have mobile applications that will initially take the user’s current condition using a series of questions then connect them to their respective physicians. These apps are Call Doc Medgate for Intellicare, My Pocket Doctor for Medicard, and HeyPhil for PhilCare. Mobile applications can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

“Being able to speak with a doctor remotely when you are ill can guide you on your most immediate course of action given your condition,” said Cheryl Tiambeng, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer of GTS. “While telemedicine is an innovation our HMO partners have been offering for a while now, this is a service that proves especially useful to insurance clients, in light of what’s happening today. We hope to be able to provide more ways to help our clients protect themselves and their families during these challenging times.”

GTS has more than 50 life and non-life insurance partners including HMOs that provide remote consultation services.

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