Shopee Gadget Zone guarantees lowest priced products online

You know the feeling – after buying a gadget online, you find out another seller prices it lower. Shopee to the rescue. Shopee Gadget Zone – a curated section of Shopee – offers, nay, guarantees the lowest prices compared to other online stores. In this post, we go over four choice gadgets (an action camera, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a compact laptop, and a video-focused smartphone) found in both Shopee and Lazada, to show you that Shopee offers a better deal.

SJCAM SJ4000 AIR Action Camera

SJCAM action cameras are a great and lower priced alternative to that other branded action cam. While SJCAM has launched new action cams recently, their previous models, like the SJCAM SJ4000 AIR Action Camera, is still sought after, if only action cam-lovers could get it at a lower price. Here’s how that item is priced at Shopee and Lazada.

P1,799 at Shopee. 
P2,139 at Lazada. 

JBL Clip 2

As we wrote elsewhere: “The JBL Clip 2 is your clip-on-to-anything (via a built-in carabiner), bring anywhere, pocketable, water-submersible, 8-hour playtime, wireless speaker with an echo and noise-cancelling speaker phone feature. Comes in black, blue, grey, red, and teal.” The question is where would you buy it online for some savings? Here you go: 

P1,666 at Shopee. 
P1,999 at Lazada. 

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 Inch

Xiaomi has pushed for more physical stores recently, with now a total of 4 in Luzon. One of their overlooked products (overshadowed by their smartphone line up) is this compact notebook that’s so feature-packed it’s only coming back again into tech bloggers’ ken recently (actually, only since Xiaomi’s physical stores popped up, which offers product warranty). The Mi Notebook Air 12.5 inch, despite not having the 8th generation series of Intel processors inside, is still a great compact laptop: crisp display, awesome keyboard, and a quiet look. It’ll get you though your normal usage (browsing, light office document work, writing, and video marathons) with it’s about 6 hours of battery life. I’d love to get one myself. Here’s where you should buy it. Hint: where it’s priced lower. 

P31,290 at Shopee. 
P37,999 at Lazada. 

LG V30 Plus

While LG smartphones, midrange and flagships, have not been the hot topic of tech blogs lately, video enthusiasts know and are attracted to LG flagships’ focus on delivering crisp, stabilized video, ability to save videos in LOG format, and manual (Pro) mode that lets you control nearly every aspect of the video recording experience. It doesn’t do great selfies, but that’s why it’s priced lower now (and because the LG V40 is coming). Here’s where smartphone video enthusiasts can get this niche market phone online. Shopee has it priced lower. 

P27,780 at Shopee. 
P32,990 at Lazada. 

And there you have it

Prices of quality gadgets are lower at Shopee compared to the long-established online store, Lazada. If there’s somewhere you should be eyeing to buy those gifts for yourselves or loved ones this coming holiday season (or right now), it should be on Shopee. 

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