Samsung launches new SUHD TVs and new audio speakers


Samsung’s new premium Ultra High Definition TVs range from 55 to 88 inches, while their new Omni-Directional Speaker and Curved Soundbar address audio entertainment needs.

“We are proud to introduce a new advancement in our line of products,” said Raul Macatangay (above), AV Product Marketing Head.

    About the SUHD TVs:

    • The “S” in SUHD TV identifies the product as Samsung’s most premium in the TV line.
    • The SUHD TV’s nano-crystal technology provides viewers with 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs.
    • The intelligent SUHD automatically analyzes brightness of images to minimize additional power consumption while producing ultimate contrast levels, plus an elevated brightness that’s more than 2.5 time brighters than conventional UHD TVs.
    • The new SUHD TV J9500 features a chamfer bezel design, while the SUHD TV JS9000 has a soft, textured shirring design.
    • The Family TV 2.0 feature allows customers to save and send photos and sound bites of their favorite TV moments – it can record still photos with the audio of TV programs.
    • Sports mode allows quick access to sports matches on Samsung Smart TVs – it’s designed for thrilling basketball or boxing experience. Customers can playback top moments so they can relive the action.

    Samsung Omini Directional 360 Audio

    The WAM 7500/6500 speakers allows sound to flow in a 360 degrees radius, unlike conventional speakers.

    Samsung Curved Soundbar

    This soundbar complements Samsung Curved TVs from 48 inches to 78 inches, offering sound quality with 9.1 channel audio with a central and side speakers. It features deeper bass than conventional audio products and allows streaming music via its multiroom functionality and has wireless connection.

    Chris Choi, AV Business Manager, Samsung Philippines

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