Advanced technology certified by UP Los Baños research professor

A proven game-changer. The recently launched LG Mosquito Away technology is geared to change the mindset of Filipinos about the air conditioning and energy solutions industry. Dr. Pio A. Javier, research professor of the Crop Protection Cluster of University of the Philippines Los Baños, conducted an extensive product test which concluded that the LG Mosquito Away air conditioner is capable of repelling indigenous mosquitoes—the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti—at a very high success rate of 82.71 percent.

LG Mosquito Away2
Dr. Pio Javier (center) with LG Philippines’ Managing Director Mr. Sung Woo Nam (left) and Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions Vice President Mr. Steve Kim (right)

The research entailed a total of fifty (50) young mosquitoes enclosed in a room, which was patched through another room containing an attractor and the LG Mosquito Away unit. For a period of 90 minutes, they monitor the quantity of mosquitoes that transfer to the room containing the attractor.

According to Dr. Javier, there were no complications experienced during the experiment. “The LG Mosquito Away unit generates an ultrasonic wave at 30 kHz that is harmless to man, but irritating to mosquitoes which keeps them at bay,” Dr. Javier shared.

More than cooling the environment, the LG air conditioning group aims to fight not only air pollution and humidity, but also the prevalent year-round dengue disease.

LG Mosquito Away1
Dr. Javier presenting the Crop Cluster Certification with the test report on the LG Mosquito Away air conditioning system.