10 Fun Things You Can Do with the ASUS Transformer Book T100

We love our big phones and tablets. But guess where most student and office work and long typed-out chats get done – on affordable Windows computers. Now if that laptop was small enough to bring from class to cafe or cubicle to couch, and had a great battery life, and costs less than this year’s iPhone, then you can have fun with it, anywhere.

That’s where the P23,995 ASUS Transformer Book T100 comes in. Here are ten fun things you can do with it.

Bring it anywhere

The 10.1-inch display of the ASUS Transformer Book T100 makes for a not so big, not so small, just-right-sized laptop. You’ll know this when you carry it under your arm, stow it quickly in your bag (and pull it out), and pop up the lid to start typing away. By comparison, the usual 13 and 14-inch laptops are a pain to bring along (because their large and diagonally wide displays make for equally large and diagonally wide bodies, and they’re heavy, and their battery life sucks). If the best camera is what you have with you (meaning, your phone), then the best laptops are those that you end up bringing because of their comfortable size and weight. The near 11-hour battery life of the ASUS T100 is of course a bonus.

Chat back comfortably

Admit it – you sometimes wish your phone or tablet had physical keys, so you’d spend less time with auto-correct excuses. The ASUS T100 has a near-full-sized keyboard that’s better than the small ones you can buy at CDR-King. The T100 springs to life quickly when you lift up the display or click on the power button – the fast Intel Quad Core processor, 64GB SSD, and 2GB RAM see to that – so you can dive into the FB chat boxes and Skype windows and Viber threads before you start missing out on what your friends are talking about. By the way, unlike some 10 inch laptops that compromise the keyboard – some keys are half the normal size or are misplaced – the keyboard on the T100 is fine.

Sneak in some work

Sometimes, in bed you’re fidgety about that report. Or you wish you had a small laptop during a long flight or commute. Or that, on your dinner table, you want a laptop that didn’t eat up the space of two dishes. The ASUS Transformer Book T100 is it. The 10.1-inch display makes for a keyboard space about the size of what a plate would occupy. That means you can eat and work or watch a video, or type out the minutes of a meeting while glancing at your notes beside the T100. Or take down (type out) class notes on an arm chair that would wobble under the weight of a bigger laptop. The detachable tablet also means you can check out presentations, spreadsheets, pdfs, ebooks, word documents, and videos with a focus on the content – because you’re holding the tablet comfortably. You can always dock it back to the keyboard anytime.

Bring it to bed

We bring our phones to bed to cool down and end the day. We’d also benefit from checking some last minute data or class notes or client emails, for our peace of mind, while in bed, before we snooze the night away. The ASUS T100 is something you can easily pick up from your table with one hand and bring to bed. Some of us get our best ideas when relaxed, and a comfy way to type out those words and re-assess those half-finished Excel sheets is with a comfy-portable laptop – whose display pops out to become a tablet. Yeah, and those movies on a great screen bigger than your phone can only be a welcome thing.

Pass it around

The comfy size of the ASUS T100 make for a laptop you can literally pass around, because sometimes you need to have a co-worker check out a Power Point or Excel file or a website or a cat video. And when you need to literally sprint from one meeting to another – imagine doing this with a “standard” 13 or 14-incher laptop – the smallness of the T100 make for a quick close the lid and pick it up and run. Students know very well the advantage of small, nimble, and portable – when the class ends, they pack up their things and run – to meet up with friends, to the nearest food stall, or to beat the traffic by commuting early.

Bring your files with you – no storage worries

Some of us are sold compromised Windows 2-in-1s, with a small SSD on the tablet to house both the OS and files, with cramped, ugly, cheap-feeling keyboards. Not with the ASUS Transformer Book T100. It has a big-enough 64GB SSD for the OS and apps and Windows updates, plus a hefty 500GB HD on the keyboard dock for your files. Hefty because that’s more than enough to store the usual office and school work files. It can even store many seasons of your favorite shows and those see and see again movies. If you’re worried that the ASUS T100 is just a tablet with tiny storage, don’t be. It’s “the” budget 2-in-1 to beat – fast enough to multitask, runs desktop apps like Photoshop and MS Office, great display for movies, battery lasts more than an 8-hour shift, comfy keyboard, ample 500GB storage. If you really want to push it, the T100 has a microSD card slot – you can dedicate a microSD card there as your extra storage space.

Work, play, watch, surf, edit as you please – no battery worries

The ASUS T100 has an 8,060 mAh battery that can last, when fully charged, up to 11 hours. You’re going to have to watch a lot of movies and load lots of YouTube videos and play lots of games and edit large Excel files to drain the T100’s battery fast, because it has a lot of staying power. We wish we could say the same about our phones.

Store it in just about any bag bigger than a purse

The thing about packing away a laptop is that it can dominate bag space, and even determine which bag you’ll bring with you. You won’t need a laptop-shoulder-sling bag for the T100. Neither will you need a big backpack with cushioned room for a 13 incher. A kindergarten’s backpack can house the T100. I’ve seen some students bring the T100 to class like they were holding a book under their arms. A laptop bag looks incredibly spacious with a T100 in it, trust me.

Take it on vacation

The large 500 GB storage and long battery life means lots of movies for long commutes, and that’s a good way to keep the kids occupied – because they can’t just watch ONE Disney movie (Frozen, it’s always Frozen). No, they want all of the Harry Potter movies, too. Good thing you have storage space for it, and if an external drive be needed, the T100 has a full-sized USB 3.0 port. That space also means you can have all the office files you need to sneak in some work – face it, we all do this – while you’re on vacation.

Use the T100 like a pro

The ASUS T100 is not just ultra-portable and convenient, it also welcomes nearly all kinds of workflows. A blogger/writer can type out her drafts anywhere, do edits on Photoshop, and upload on WordPress. A marketing guy can finish his presentations on the fly and hand over the tablet to a client who’ll watch the PowerPoint or video comfortably. A student will run out of excuses for not doing her reports and papers – the T100 is a fully functioning PC that runs desktop apps. An events photographer, at the end of a shoot, can save his shots on the T100’s hard disk and show the highlights to the client, for approval – the T100 has a great display, remember that.

It’s hard to ignore the ASUS Transformer Book T100 – super bring-it-anywhere portable, great display, good keyboard, long battery life, large 500GB storage on the dock, good for multitasking, runs desktop apps like MS Office and Photoshop, and is priced lower than a flagship Android phone – P23,995. It comes in white, red, and gray; is available nationwide, and can be upgraded to Windows 10.


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