ila, Philippines โ€” The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has brought changes to the way we live. Safety and hygiene are of paramount importance to everyone. For instance, most laundromats and self-service laundry establishments are now closed so people are thinking of purchasing their own washing machines. 

On the other hand, those who already own washing machines are looking for more effective solutions to adapt to their changing needs. Our new normal is to be obsessed with cleanliness. Making sure our clothing, table and bed linens and towels are washed properly and effectively without getting ruined is part of our new normal. Thus, we need a brand that will help us fulfill these requirements.

Europeโ€™s No. 1 appliance brand Beko Pilipinas is an advocate for healthy living through the technologies in their appliances. These advanced features are designed to improve efficiency and optimize time, cost and energy.

Quick, easy, and clean laundry day with Beko

When purchasing a washing machine, we need one with more than just the standard settings and normal features. We also need a washing machine that will help us with managing our time because we need to juggle house work with work and family duties.

Bekoโ€™s WCV10746M model in Manhattan Grey is a frontload washing machine with the energy-efficient ProSmart Inverter Motor and 15 wash programs. It also has time-efficiency features that will not let you sacrifice the quality of cleanliness that you want and need.

Using the WCV10746M washing machine helps save energy and improves your time efficiency and management with features not seen in the usual washers in the market. For example, you can use the washing machineโ€™s different programs to determine the length of time that the clothes will be washed.

The Daily Xpress program intensively washes a full 10kg load of laundry in 28 minutes. However, the Xpress Super Short program offers a quick wash to a 2kg load in only 14 minutes enough to help get the odor out.

Quick, easy, and clean laundry day with Beko

The OptiSense technology will save you from guesswork because it uses smart sensors to automatically pick the right program and washing time of clothes while the Aqua Paddle technology massages the clothing in a gentle wave-like manner through a set of paddles in the system. This technology makes sure that the antibacterial properties of the laundry detergent you are using are administered in all parts of the fabric while saving energy at the same time. Meanwhile, the StainExpert program gets rid of 24 different kinds of stains so you wonโ€™t have to pre-treat any stain.

The Beko WCV10746M washing machine is easy to use after powering on and loading so you can do other things like cook lunch or check your emails while the laundry is being washed.

Quick, easy, and clean laundry day with Beko

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