Your next gaming destination just got bigger and better. Welcome to the “Players Stadium” where your choice of play is taken to the next level.

The new kid on the block has a loud and wildly bright personality that will greet and draw you into its jaw dropping features. The main attraction? A suspended center display that’s equivalent to 360 square meters of screen with over 91 million pixels. If you can’t imagine that, just think of three hundred ten pieces of 65-inch screens merged into one. The fully bespoke curved display was specifically designed for Solaire with the custom P2 underside being the only one of its kind in the world. This innovation is not just candy to your eyes, but a feat that provides a different kind of visual rush.

Aside from elevating your optical senses, the Players Stadium also goes the extra mile for its most discerning guests. You can relax in sheer comfort in any of the 14 reclining seats and order your favorite sporty chow and matching beverage from any of the 12 bar tops inside. Your seats are also equipped with special cup holders to keep your beverages chilled longer. That means, more fun and less of those reluctantly taken breaks.

“Looking at the market and the trends in customer behavior, Solaire wanted to create something that’s original and would cater to a wide audience. The Players Stadium is unlike anything that our guests have seen before. It offers variety in one setting at the same time letting them experience something that no other property has. It truly allows our guests to fully immerse themselves and enjoy the elevated Solaire experience.” said Cyrus Sherafat, Solaire’s Executive Vice President for Casino Marketing.

If you’re looking for some new kind of excitement, secure your seat at the Players Stadium and make this your latest favorite place.

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