Having a new pet is always exciting and rewarding. Pets bring a unique sense of love and companionship, which is why it is no wonder that studies show a pet can help boost oneโ€™s mood and decrease blood pressure. But for first-time pet owners, it may not be always the case if one is unprepared. Therefore, pet lovers or aspiring pet owners must carefully consider several factors before getting a new pet to ensure that they give their new four-legged companions a happy, healthy, and long life. 

Committed to educating the Filipino pet community on proper pet care, the Pet Food Institute (PFI) shares a list of factors that pet owners must consider before acquiring a new pet. 

Breed, Size, and Age

Deciding on a pet is more to it than simply selecting the cutest one. Every breed is unique and each require different levels of attention and care. When choosing a purebred dog, it is recommended that future pet owners carefully research the standard temperament for that breed and if it is best-suited for that personโ€™s life. For example, is a certain dog breed typically more comfortable around busy homes with small children, or do they require lots of mental stimulation and games? A petโ€™s breed and size arenโ€™t the only factors pet owners must consider. Pet owners must also factor in the age of the pet they want to acquire.

Indeed, age is just a number however this will be important in determining which pet one should get. For individuals with a more active lifestyle and who can devote more time to caring for a pet, puppies or kittens may be a better fit for their kind of lifestyle as these young ones tend to have more energy throughout the day and may still require housetraining. Meanwhile, a quieter household may want to bring in a mature or older dog or cat may enjoy a calm and quiet environment.


Before getting a pet, aspiring pet owners must also look into the kind of lifestyle they can provide their pets. Some pets require a lot of exercise therefore individuals who love to be outdoors and engage in physical activities are the ideal owners for these kinds of pets. Meanwhile, those who have a busy schedule and spend long hours in the office may reconsider their plans of getting a pet until their schedule slows down or have a plan for caring for the pet during the day. 

Pets require an owner who is present and able to provide them the kind of lifestyle that would help them thrive. 


Most pet owners know that pet food, supplies, training and veterinary care come at a cost and therefore individuals must take into consideration their financial situation before they bring in a new dog or cat into their household. Pets require a well-balanced diet found in commercially-available pet food. Pet owners are advised not to give their pets table scraps as an alternative to pet food as these often have ingredients that are unhealthy or toxic to pets. Commercially-available pet food has been scientifically made to ensure that these provide pets the nutrients they need to stay healthy and active throughout the day, and it strengthens a petโ€™s immune system thus lowering their chances of getting sick. 

Likewise, veterinary services such as microchipping, deworming, and vaccination may entail costs but are essential to a petโ€™s overall health therefore pet owners must not skip out on these to ensure that their pets are healthy and happy. Thus, pet owners must check their ability to provide these essentials and services for their pets before bringing them home to avoid compromising the overall health and quality of life of an innocent dog or cat. 

Pet Food Institute (PFI) is committed in educating pet owners about proper pet nutrition to keep pets healthy and happy. Through its local initiative, Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured campaign in partnership with the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines (VPAP), PFI seeks to advocate responsible pet ownership to the ever-growing Filipino pet community.

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