MyTown Auckland is a dormitory for working millennials

The newly-opened dormitory, MyTown Auckland along Harvard Street, Makati, houses 325 beds and caters to millennials (who need affordable housing near where they work, to cut down on commute time) and corporates (for staff housing). MyTown is the co-living dormitory brand of Philippines Urban Living Solutions (PULS), the biggest rental housing provider in the country. PULS learned that a big chunk of young professionals’ income goes to transportation. Check out the room rates below.

Check out what MyTown Auckland offers:

Single Bedroom: MyTown Auckland offers a solo unit for young professionals who prefer to live unaccompanied. A single bedroom unit consists of a queen-sized bed, its own bathroom, and storage spaces.
Fully equipped with a mini-fridge, microwave and compartmentalized desk, MyTown’s modern design caters to the young professionals’ lifestyle.
The 2-bedroom unit: Tagged as one of the best-selling units in MyTown, the 2-bedroom unit is perfect for young professionals who prefer living with a buddy. Solo arrangements are also accepted for this unit can turn the above area into an extended chamber for personal belongings.
Up close: The bunkbed is designed with additional storage areas for books, documents and other belongings.
The 2-bedroom unit also comes with a workstation opposite the double deck bed for working young professionals.
The 4-bedroom unit: MyTown offers co-living solutions for groups. This arrangement also comes with its own microwave oven, mini-fridge, bathroom and closet.
Up close: The 4-bedroom setup is best for corporate lodgers from MyTown’s corporate partners who offer co-living solutions as part of their HR benefits at work.
MyTown provides tenants with affordable rates. With a 4-bedroom unit, tenants can enjoy the affordability without compromising exceptional accommodations.
MyTown Auckland canteen is designed to reflect the docks of the city of Auckland. Staying true to its trademark of modern design for amenities and facilities, MyTown has offered functional yet aesthetically pleasing setup and interiors.
MyTown Auckland has its own fully-equipped gym, designed for young professionals to keep an active lifestyle despite their busy work schedule.
MyTown Auckland provides a relaxing atmosphere with amenities such as an open-air cinema and yoga area, overlooking the green of the Manila Golf Club.

The company’s co-living solution responds to the need of the young work force for work-life balance and of corporations for a productive staff whose resources are not drained by Manila traffic. “For less than the cost of your commute, you can live in MyTown, walk to work, and play, learn, and meet new friends,” said PULS CEO Mark Arellano Kooijman.

Room rates below:

Deluxe DormsFirst Class DormsServiced Apartments
Services Provided– High Quality Unit
– Free WiFi
In-house amenities
Free Club access
Excellent location
High-quality unit
Free WiFi
Available for <6 months
Free Club Access
Php 5,000 utility credit/month
Daily breakfast
High-quality unit
Free WiFi
6-Bed SharingPhp 4,050PhP 4,400Available upon request.
4-Bed SharingPhp 4,200PhP 4,550Available upon request.
2-Bed SharingPhP 8,100PhP 8,450Available upon request.
Private UnitPhP 16,100PhP 16,450Available upon request.

MyTown Auckland is the company’s 14th dormitory to date, and the company boasts of a 94% occupancy rate. In each MyTown dormitory, which are named after different cities, the company aims to provide a relaxing atmosphere. MyTown Auckland features a fully-equipped gym, canteen, open air cinema, and a Yoga area overlooking the Manila Golf Club. Its ground floor will soon open a laundromat and supermarket.

Visit their website ( for details.

(L-R) A toast to another year of success: Young singer-actor Marlo Mortel, Philippines Urban Living Solutions (PULS) Group Director Jelmer Ikink, PULS Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Kooijman and celebrity guest Angelica Mocellin raise their glasses in celebration of opening the newest first-class MyTown dormitory.

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