Acer #TimeForUs Promo – Buy Specific Acer Laptops to Get a Free Casio G-Shock Watch Worth P5995


Under Acer’s #TimeForUs promo, which started last May 26, 2017, customers who buy specific Acer laptops get a free Casio G-Shock watch worth P5995, which can be claimed at Acer service centers in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Underlying this promo is the Acer-G-Shock partnership announced launched last June 21, 2017 at Yes Please in Taguig. At the event, Basti Artadi (Wolfgang, Gen X icon) and Juan Miguel Severo (spoken word poet, millennial) performed “Time For Us”, a music and spoken word piece crafted by both artists from two generations.

The #TimeForUs campaign has, at its center, the cross-generational appeal of the G-Shock watch. One of the select laptops customers can buy to avail of the free G-Shock watch is the Acer Swift 7, which we reviewed here.

Acer laptops qualified for this promo:

Aspire S13: S5-371-53F4, S5-371-55AN,  S5-371-74H1 and S5-371-53F4
Aspire S7: S7-393-75508G25ews
Aspire Swift 3: SF314-51-50ZY and SF314-51-54IM
Aspire Swift 5: SF514-51-50SQ and SF514-51-77F1
Aspire Swift 7: SF713-51-M1X2 and SF713-51-M7ER
Aspire 7: A715-71G-57AH,  A715-71G-57AY and A715-71G-705S
Aspire F: F5-573G-514W-F5, F5-573G-52XT, F5-573G-5467, F5-573G-5574, F5-573G-55RX, F5-573G-55U4, F5-573G-55VY, F5-573G-57CZ, F5-573G-5807, F5-573G-58DM, F5-573G-58Q3, F5-573G-59AB, F5-573G-59F4, F5-573G-55G2, F5-573G-70RS, F5-573G-70XV, F5-573G-71BX, F5-573G-721W, F5-573G-72U6, F5-573G-73A3, F5-573G-74YJ, F5-573G-7572, F5-573G-760N, F5-573G-7688, F5-573G-773S, F5-573G-780B, F5-573G-787N, F5-573G-78PB, and F5-573G-796H
Aspire V3: V3-372-537L, V3-472PG-716R, V3-572PG-93RL, V3-574G-55UJ, V3-574G-59N4, V3-574G-74BC, V3-574G-77P6, V3-574G-78CG, V3-575G-52GY, V3-575G-74ZZ, and V3-575G-7XK
Aspire V5: V5-573-54204G50amm
Aspire Nitro V: VN7-571G-73ZJ, VN7-571G-75CH, VN791G-76ZV, and VN7-791G-78U9
Aspire VX: VX5-591G-51DL, VX5-591G-532R, VX5-591G-70ME, VX5-591G-719K, and VX5-591G-7448
Aspire E14: E5-417-51LB, E5-417G-5763, E5-417G-57J6, E5-473-51W6, E5-473-52SY, E5-473-539H, E5-473-53C0, E5-473-54NE, E5-473-56RL, E5-473-56YB, E5-473-57RJ, E5-473-57SR, E5-473-596B, E5-473-59ZA, E5-473G-51D6, E5-473G-51GX, E5-473G-51GY, E5-473G-52FG, E5-473G-53RD, E5-473G-54CD, E5-473G-54L9, E5-473G-55L5, E5-473G-57QQ, E5-473G-58G2, E5-473G-5908, E5-473G-593S, E5-473G-598N, E5-475G-500E, E5-475G-50AL, E5-475G-50ST, E5-475G-51BC, E5-475G-51SV, E5-475G-52T0, E5-475G-55DU, E5-475G-58YC, E5-571G-750T, E5-571G-77AU, E5-571G-77P0, E5-575G-52DA, E5-575G-54YE, E5-575G-55GU, E5-575G-55V5, E5-575G-581Y, E5-575G-71BR, E5-575G-7211, E5-575G-728J, E5-575G-7861, and E5-575G-79ET
Aspire ES15: ES1-572-5784, ES1-572-57KV, and ES1-572-58TD
Aspire R14: R3-471TG-555Z
Aspire R13: R7-371T-51SA, and R7-371T-52WC
Aspire One 14: Z1402-51T4, and Z1402-52WM
Aspire 2-in-1: SAS-271-54ZW, SP315-51-53NM, and SP714-51-M4E5

You can also check out to see the specs of the promo-qualified Acer laptops that they carry in stock.

Promo Mechanics

  • Purchase any Acer laptop from the above list.
  • Secure a copy of the Promo Claim Form and your Official Receipt form the store.
  • Completely fill out the Promo Claim Form and submit it along with (a) an Original Receipt, (b) the cut-out of the Box Serial Number, and (c) two valid IDs.
  • For Metro Manila/ Cebu / Davao-based customers, submit the accomplished Promo Claim Form at the Acer Manila, Cebu, or Davao Offices to claim your free Casio G-Shock watch (subject to availability of models).
  • For customers outside Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, submit a scanned copy of the Promo Claim Form, Original Receipt, serial number cut-out, and two valid IDs via email to
  • Promo starts May 26, 2017 and ends on June 30, 2017.
  • Redemption period is sixty (60) days upon purchase.

Authorized Redemption Areas

Acer Service Centre – Manila

1172 – 1180 President Quirino Avenue Extension, Paco, Manila
Telephone No. (02) 555-23-00
Look for Ms. Wilibell Silverio
Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM),
Saturdays (9AM-12NN)

Acer Service Center – Cebu City

AMV Brothers Building
No.9 F. Cabahug corner Almendras Streets Mabolo, Cebu City 600
Telephone No. (032) 266-75-62 to 64
Look for Mr. Jolex Lim
Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM),
Saturdays (9AM-12NN)

Acer Service Centre- Davao City

GF Ateneo De Davao University
8016 Roxas Avenue, Davao City
Telephone No. (082) 295-71-51
Look for Mr. Marc Bag-ao
Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM),
Saturdays (9AM-12NN)

For more details on the #TimeForUS promo, visit the Acer PH website, follow @acerphils on Twitter, or check out the Acer Philippines Facebook page.

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