8 Things on My Shopee Wish List (such as gadget accessories and cat food)

You shop online for convenience, and Shopee IS convenience: tons of products, free delivery on items P500 and up, and you can do all the shopping on your smartphone (via the Shopee app). Now, like most couples on a budget, my wife knows by heart the things we actually need. So, without having consulted my wife, here the 8 things I would like to buy on Shopee. (Note: four of these are not for me, but for our six cats.)

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Soft Case

I depend on my Huawei Mate 10 Pro for low light shots (many events happen indoors at night), product close ups (gadgets and food require clear details, good contrast, and accurate colors), and selfies (with friends at events, so my wife knows where I am). I do all these on my Mate 10 Pro, which needs a case that balances protection, grip, and comfy use. I can only find all three in soft gel cases; because hard, overprotective cases tend to affect both how I hold the phone (when taking pictures) and how I type on the phone’s display. It’s just me. Go with what feels good for you. Get the case here.


iPega PG-9023 Android Gamepad Wireless Controller

I still play Modern Combat 5: Blackout (a first-person shooter) on my Android smartphone, to kill time, and because I’ve gotten most on the weapons and armors and I’m too lazy to start learning other games. Now, a phone’s display is flat, so tapping and sliding on multiple keys quickly (it’s a split-second live-or-die when in multiplayer) is not easy when you only have two thumbs available. Hence, the Android gamepad. Get it here.


Royal Canin Adult Cat Instinctive 

This is the first of four cat-related items on my list, because we have 6 cats: two adults, two teenagers, and two three-month old kittens. If you really love your pets, you’ll end up, at least once in a while, letting them taste something different, nutritious, and a bit expensive. Get it here. 


Royal Canin Instinctive for Kitten

Like I said, we have two kittens who keep running around the house, dangling on our curtains, and clawing at our shoes – that is, when they’re not sleeping like angels half the day. So yeah, we’ll feed them something good. Get it here.


Cat Scratch Board Pad / Scratching Posts (Corrugated Paper Pad)

Our cats bring us joy and calmness (even though they chew up press releases, folders, envelopes, and carton boxes). We love them, so we’d like to try out this corrugated paper scratching pad/post. Hopefully, since it’s similar to the carton boxes, they’ll prefer this and not the boxes and folders at home. At least, that’s the theory. Get it here.


(Yet another) Cat Scratching Mat / Board Scratcher

Yeah. We’re big on trial and error. So while we have a corrugated paper scratch pad on the list, we want to try this “put anywhere” scratch pad/post: you can, as per the product pics, put this on the floor, on your chair, or wrap it around a table leg. Neat, huh? Get it here.


Cat Mini Squishy Toy

They’re devastatingly cute, squishy, and colorful. That’s all I have. So get it here.


Anker Nylon USB Type C to USB 3.0 Cable 

This one’s really for me and in response to having two kittens who love to tear up and chew on paper, cartons, plastic, and our charging cables. The cable is for Type C phones, like my Huawei Mate 10 Pro, and is threaded, so it can withstand the wear and tear of repeated coiling and uncoiling, and, of course, of kittens chewing it up. At least that’s the prayer. Get it here.

So there. Hopefully, since many cat welfare items are on my list, my wife will approve of ALL my purchases.

Remember, with Shopee, you can earn coins you can use on your next purchase, you can enjoy FREE shipping, and Shopee always has a promo or sale brewing (all the more reason to download the app). Also, you can chat with the seller if you have questions about the product, before buying it.

Now, if you don’t have a Shopee account yet, or if you haven’t bought anything yet, you can use my special code below to get P80 OFF on your first purchase.

You can check out the Shopee website and download the app for iOS and Android. Be sure to check out Shopee’s ongoing midyear sale, which runs until May 5.

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